How Early Can You Make FastPass+ Selections? New Details Emerge on MyMagic+

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When Disney updated the MyDisneyExperience app last night, they also updated the terms of service that guests using the app must agree to. Some details we have either speculated about or not been informed of to this point were discussed within those terms, so we have decided to highlight the more important new facts about MyMagic+:


There are two types of friends you can have within MyDisneyExperience: managed friends or connected friends. Managed friends are guests with profiles you create and manage on their behalf. Connected friends are friends who’s profiles you do not create or manage. By sending or accepting an invitation to become connected friends with someone, you authorize those connected friends to plan and modify activities for you including FastPass+ selections. Disney states is not liable for changes, so if your friends mess up your reservations, well, you’re out of luck.


Once available, you may choose to receive special email and text alerts during your visit such as itinerary updates, notice of photo availability, and personalized on-site tips and offers. Push notifications will also be an option.


Disney FastPass+ service allows you to select an arrival window to experience certain park attractions, character meet and greets, and quick-service restaurants, and to arrange a viewing location for certain entertainment such as fireworks, parades and shows. You can modify FastPass+ selections for yourself, Managed Friends, and Connected Friends.

You can make FastPass+ selections for one park per day. You may only select and use a FastPass+ selection for a particular attraction, entertainment or restaurant experience once a day. When you initially make FastPass+ selections for a particular park, you will choose a FastPass+ experience set. If your plans change, you may modify the entire FastPass+ experience set until the first FastPass+ experience is used or the first unused experience expires. You may also modify any unused individual FastPass+ experience any time prior to the end of the day.

Magic Your Way ticket holders and Annual Passholders may make FastPass+ selections beginning 60 days prior to use. Selection window will vary for other tickets.

Disney reserves the right to re-assign or reschedule a FastPass+ selection due to an unplanned attraction or entertainment down time or change in operating hours. This will be useful is guiding guests away from attractions when they are down.


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  • I'm looking forward to not having to fight the crowds to get to one end of the park for fastpasses, then again to the other end of the park where the family is playing. But really, who knows which fastpass they will want 60 days out? We aren't always sure 6 hours out.

    Bummer about the only one park per day restriction though. With our park hopper, we visit two parks each day we visit.

  • I'm confused….I don't see anywhere on My Disney Experience where I can make FastPass+ selections. I didn't even think this was up and running now

  • Whatever happened to wandering through the parks, enjoying the magic and just letting it 'happen' – honestly, I don't want to be that involved with my e-device when I'm enjoying the parks!

  • If you prefer just wandering through the parks and enjoying the magic as it happens, you'll still be able to. No one is going to force you to make a FastPass+ reservation, any more than you're required to make an ADR now to eat. All rides will continue to have standby lines (and, on that front, will remain more accessible than a popular restaurant without an ADR).

    • Hear Hear. I don't understand why people are complaining about a program that they don't have or intend to use. It's silly when it could actually improve your visit. The only issue is it's doesn't benefit the AP holders and locals as much as the first time guest or non local guest but compared to the first time or non local guest, they are minority.

  • Tom… I see that FastPass+ is only for 1 park per day… will we be able to use the regular FastPass program (until it goes away) if we're parkhopping? My family rarely is in just 1 park on any day… AP holders and folks with MYW passes appear to lose some of the advantages of these passes with FastPass+

    • I agree about the 1 park per day. My family are big park hoppers. Think this will change or is this a way to control crowds?

  • Here's where I see a ton of ambiguity in the terms and wonder if you have any insight. I know it's one park per day. I know it's 3 fast pass + per day. But does that mean that you get 3 fast passes per day in one park and every other thing you do will have to be the standby line? Or does it mean you get 3 fast pass + in one park and there will be a way to get a form of fast pass, for example, at a second park after you park hop. Yes, it says you cannot use the standard paper ticket fast pass machines but that doesn't necessarily mean you can go to a kiosk at the 2nd park and get a fast pass on your RFID for later that day (although it might). Won't be happy if it's the former. Especially with the addition of Quick service restaurants to the program. Does this mean if you don't have reservations at a QS restaurant, you now won't be able to eat at a park at all without standing on a ridiculously long standby line? Seems the whole point of the QS restaurants was ease and flexibility. I usually defend Disney but I foresee many many problems . . .

    • If you check the terms & conditions for the parks and read the section on "converting to paperless" you will see that if you opt into the new fastpass+ system, you will not be able to use to old fp system. At this point I would stay with the old system, but I worry about how many fp's will be available in the parks if people are grabbing them up before they arrive and than of course the question is how long the old system will be around.

  • Crazy! It already takes some time to set up all the dining for a week and now this. I know in the end it will help Disney Manage crowds but come on!

    I miss the days when my family could make a dining reservation in our room by phone each night for the next day. I can't tell you how long it already takes to book restaurants and line up grocery delivery and now this. I know this new system will be optional, but if you don't use it, no fast pass.

    I don't mean to sound totally negative. A side benefit is that once you are on vacation you won't have to think, only enjoy your time and relax. But, not much room left for being spontaneous.

  • Sooo… If I am purchasing an annual pass online, it won't be activated till I arrive at WDW. I'm assuming this means I can't do my FP+ in advance of my trip since I won't be an AP holder yet?

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