Parks Starz 2 Variants Announced

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Kind of a tricky headline for kind of a tricky piece of news. Disney’s Vinylmation website decided to tease us a bit by telling us that there will be Park Starz 2 variants, how many there will be, how much each one will cost and the edition size of each one… but no names or photos! But we can surmise some info from the post. Here is the lineup:


Vinylmation – Park Starz #2 – Limited Edition Variant Figure
Edition Size: 2,000
Retail: $24.95


Vinylmation – Park Starz #2 – Limited Edition Variant Figure Set
Edition Size: 2,000
Retail: $49.95


Vinylmation – Park Starz #2 – Limited Edition Variant Figure
Edition Size: 1,000
Retail: $26.95


Vinylmation – Park Starz #2 – Limited Edition Variant Figure
Edition Size: 2,000
Retail: $24.95

A few notes. One release is LE 1,000 while the rest are 2k… and you will pay an extra $2 for that one. Then, the first July release says “Figure SET.” SET?! Hmmm, what will that mean? I have a few ideas. My Ben Franklin and Mark Twain combo pack for one. Or how about the other two hitchhiking ghosts? What do you think some of these variants will be? Check out our Park Starz 2 Explained page to see the lineup of regular figures.

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  • Oh yeah the Ben Franklin and Mark Twain combo would be cool. And being thats its the American Adventure and being released in July, I could see this a very good possiblity.

    • Oh! I didn’t even think about the July factor. It will be interesting. Disney has never done a whole new character for a variant, but if it ever happens, Park Starz is the place to do it. And this being a “set”, a few things make sense looking at the line up of figures, but I can’t see a double pack of the same figure being interesting.

  • I’m pretty sure the twin pack HAS to be the other 2 hitch-hicking ghosts!!! That would be amazing!!!

    • The other two Ghosts would be on totally new molds which would not qualify them as variants. I am sure Ezra and Phineas will be coming in future series. Not soon enough, for sure!!

    • The Mark Twain/ Ben Franklin would be a cool set, but if they reuse one of the characters already released in the current series, then other variant combos could be:

      *HTH Bellhop/ Bellhop Lightning-fied Ghost (black/gray/white or ghostly translucent blue)
      *Gus/ Ghostly Translucent Gus

      Here are some ideas of two variants (not in reg set):
      *Disk Man in two different color combinations than what is in the regular set (similar to the reg 3″ boxed set)
      *DLR IASW Hippo (Pink/Purple color)/ DLR Dutch Girl (color variation-they have 3 girls)
      *Two other Dinosaur character variants

      I am sure they will do Gus as the LE999 (LE1000) character. No telling who the other LE2000 variants will be.

    • I can see a dinosaur variant of some sort, and that’s not a bad idea.

  • All I want is a lightning-struck Bellhop where you can see his skeleton. If I get that, I’ll be happy.

  • Maybe a TOT bellhop that looks like the one on the tin? He’d be looking down and his colors could have the upward drips like he’s dropping.

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