Skeleton Dance?

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Today in 1929, Disney’s first Silly Symphony was completed. It was titled “Skeleton Dance”. We thought this would be a good time to remind everyone that the Silly Symphony series will be coming to stores this year and we think the Skeleton Dance is high on the list of possible figure designs. I personally think it would be cool if they could reproduce the character above on a vinyl, but that seems unlikely.

Previously they released this Holiday 1 LE figure based on the short, but I think it’s been long enough that we could get another one. What do you think?

(For more info on our other ideas for the series check out our article “A Closer Look at Silly Symphony

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Brad B
Brad B
8 years ago

Yeah, the Skeleton Dance character would be cool! They could use the Tars Tarkas/White Ape mold and make a new leg/foot design that would allow for animals to walk on 4 legs. It would open up Vinylmation artists to use the back like never before!!

Notice the Skeleton above…..there are 3 sets of legs but 4 skulls! Where’d the other set of legs go? LOL