Assmebling More then Mickey Under the Sea?

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Last night as we recorded I was pondering over the extra coding in the recently reviewed placeholder text for Marvel and Little Mermaid. As a reminder, this is what it says,

“The first Marvel Vinylmation collaboration, Series of 11 Vinylmation
with 1 Chaser, [Characters]: STD CHAR ADULT – MM & MN, Captain
America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man,”

“Little Mermaid Series, Series of 11 Vinylmation with 1 Chaser,
[Characters]: STD CHAR ADULT – MM & MN, Ariel, Eric, Scuttle,
Sebastian, Flounder”

STD seems to mean standard, with CHAR meaning character and ADULT as a size maybe? But that’s not what was interesting, to me what was interesting was the part that was different from the Park 13? placeholder text. In the Park text after ADULT says “MICKEY” not “MM & MN”. So what does that mean?

I think it means that the Marvel series and the Little Mermaid series will contain BOTH Mickey platform and Minnie platform figures. We just got word that they are releasing the Park 12 set which has mixed genders in the Contemporary set, why not do that with full series?

What do you think? Do you think it’s early enough in the Minnie platform run to start including them in full 12 series sets? What characters from the Marvel and Little Mermaid universes could use a dress and a bow? I kind want to see Doctor Doom in one.

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Brad B
Brad B

Dr Doom in a dress w/ bow? Is that what you meant in your last thought? Lol It’s surely time for Disney to mix both platforms together. Why not throw an old mold in too! Seriously, if the series can support both, go for it. When will we see a series dedicated to the Fab 5, Daisy, Chip, Dale etc. that series could support both platforms, for sure. Little Mermaid has a good mixture of males and creatures that would fit on the new mold while Ariel would look good in her wedding dress on the Minnie mold. While I… Read more »