PHOTOS: Inside Model Rooms of “The Villas at the Grand Floridian”

Earlier today, I was lucky enough to get a tour of the model villas for “The Villas at the Grand Floridian” which will be opening in October. Here are photos I took of the deluxe studio and one-bedroom villa model rooms:

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The hallway

IMG 2320 L

Artwork in the hallway

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

First we will look at the studio

IMG 2294 L

IMG 2295 L

I’m not surprised to see Mary Poppins in the room, but The Happiest Millionaire? A really cool obscure reference!

IMG 2296 L

The pull-out bed has Dumbo artwork behind it

IMG 2297 L

The kitchen

IMG 2298 L

The bathroom

IMG 2299 L

Yes, there is a TV in the mirror…

IMG 2300 L

IMG 2301 L

Now on to the one-bedroom villa

IMG 2302 L

Notice the Duffy in the girl’s basket in the picture on the right…

IMG 2303 L

Mary Poppins lyrics adorn the back of the fold-out bed in this room

IMG 2304 L

The kitchen is pretty awesome

IMG 2305 L

The kitchen table

IMG 2306 L

The master bedroom

IMG 2307 L

IMG 2308 L

Cute Mary Poppins artwork

IMG 2309 L

The bathroom in the master bedroom

IMG 2310 L

Hard to see, but the shower is huge! You could fit a lot of people in there…

IMG 2311 L

IMG 2312 L


IMG 2313 L

IMG 2314 L

Walk-in closet

IMG 2315 L

IMG 2316 L

IMG 2317 L

IMG 2318 L

The fold-out bed is in this unit

While I felt like the studio was nothing special, I felt the one-bedroom villa was just about the nicest Disney hotel room I have ever seen. While we have to wait a few more months to see the building completed, The room models have certainly wet my appetite for this new Disney Vacation Club Resort.

What do you think of these model rooms?

11 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Inside Model Rooms of “The Villas at the Grand Floridian””

  1. Look really great, the bathrooms and that shower are particuarly impressive. Where havre they built the model rooms? Are they in a section of the new building or elsewhere?

  2. I would love to stay in the one bedroom villa! The TV in the bathroom mirror is the coolest thing I have ever saw in a Walt Disney World resort hotel.

  3. The villa does look beautiful! Happiest Millionaire was one of my favorite movies as a kid – very cool to see it's stamp in the rooms.

  4. Confused. The studio has a pull out bed from that piece of furniture (with Dumbo). Does the couch pull out? Does a studio sleep 5? Same with the one bedroom. King bed, pull out couch (?) and pull out bed (with two kids in picture on bed)? Also sleep 5? Not that I would want to sleep 5 in a studio, just asking.

  5. Looks nice. I wish I had enough points for a sizable 1br stay. By the way, it's "WHET my appetite".

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