Episode 128 Space Mountain Paris

Ep. 128 Space Mountain Paris

This week we talk about the SDCC release of Behind the Masks 2 that was produced using Disney characters. We also discuss the release of the second series of Disney Afternoon and why it may or may not be a success. Robots, Ear Hat Ornaments and customs are also brought up. And Nick makes a big non-vinyl related announcement.

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7 years ago

Congrats on the official radio show. Let us know if it streams online anywhere.

7 years ago

Another cool Podcast..

The Disneyland Paris Space Mountain figure is still one of my favourite Park 6 figures… I think we should see more “international” representation in the park series…Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai should all be included…

I hope Park 13 is out in September so I can pick them up on Vacation :-)


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