Joe Hogarty’s 7/15/13 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Joe Hogarty visited the Magic Kingdom on Monday to see the start of Long Lost Friends Week as part of Limited Time Magic and he took a number of newsworthy photos to share, so let’s take a look:

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It’s Long Lost Friends Week again as part of Limited Time Magic!

Chicken Little and Abby Mallard somehow made the cut…

The Robin Hood gang is back again

Always awesome

Dr. Facilier and Louis from the Princess and the Frog are new this time around

My personal favorite is the Brers!

Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, and Brer Bear

We keep expecting to see some progress on Princess Fairytale Hall since the tarps were taken down, but nothing

More turnstile conversions happening in the front of the park

Only a few of the old turnstiles remain

Rock-work is slowly but surely covering the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train

Triton’s Treasures looks like it will open very soon

Workers on the site

One side of the store is not so finished…

Tarps still up at the old Peter Pan restrooms

The work on Sleepy Hollow Refreshments has wrapped up

It looks great!

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  • And then children ask "mommy, daddy, what is Song of the South?" and they can't watch it because someone somewhere decided that someone might find it racist, and we loose out on a great film.

    • Since they can't watch the film they can read a good book like Huck Finn…..wait that's supposed to be racist as well. Back to some violent video game.

  • Man, I am so disappointed I couldn't be there for the Br'er Gang, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and the Princess & the Frog characters. MAN!

    Great pics, as always, Joe.

  • Norm, I looked at some other photos that I took and it looks like Br'er Bear doesn't have a tail, or it is covered up by his jacket. I saw the movie a long time ago and cant recall if he lost his tail in the movie or not. I do remember the kid being trampled by the bull kind of freaked me out.

  • Poor Dr. Facilier is visibly roasting in that costume- I can't imagine what the fur characters must be feeling like!!!

  • I was enjoying that, until I got to the sign for "Long Lost Friends As Seen In Song of the South". Who in the U.S. has actually seen this movie? It has never been released to video (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray), and it hasn't been shown in any movie theater since 1986. I think this is referred to as ironic! Very funny Disney, very funny!

  • Of course, the question could also be asked, who actually remembers seeing Chicken Little? Or, would you rather forget that you did?

    • I can honestly say I "Chicken Little". Is it the best Disney Animated Film? Oh hell no. I was entertained, but it never felt like a Disney film. If I were to name a Disney film I'd much rather forget, it would be more likely "Home on The Range" personally.

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