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Joe Hogarty’s 7/25/13 Disney Springs Construction Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Joe Hogarty headed to Downtown Disney to check out the latest progress on the Disney Springs project and found quite a bit going on, so let’s take a look:

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Heading into what is now still Pleasure Island

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We expect concept art to go on these walls soon, but for now it is just Downtown Disney artwork

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The Comedy Warehouse is now currently being demolished

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Reminds me of DCA during the overhaul

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Plenty of construction materials out on the Rock ‘N’ Roll Beach Clob/Motion plot

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Walls up around what was Curl and Apricot Lane

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The Mannequins building will remain

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Walls up on the back of the building

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Not much to see yet

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The Adventurer’s Club building will remain as part of The Landing

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A look across at what was Comedy Warehouse

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They are also working on the shoreline on the West Side right now

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There might be a new bridge coming…

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A look at the wreckage of Comedy Warehouse

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They may keep the large building back there, but it is unknown at this time

  1. "but for now it is just Downtown Disney artwork"

    When I saw your pictures of that construction wall, I thought wow! That is beautiful! I wonder how you get to be such a great artist?

    Then I mentally analysed as much of the mural as possible for clues and hints if there were any.

    Then I saw your caption LOL

    I bet some really talented artist is in the Disney Treatment Centre for the bewildered after reading "but for now it is just Downtown Disney artwork" ;-)

    I never did connect very well with Pleasure Island, so it's not too great a loss for me personally, but can't wait to see Disney Springs!! Let's hope that they open as many sections as possible in phases so that we don't need to wait until 2016!

  2. I am just completely saddened by this whole overhaul of Pleasure Island. So many great memories at those places and such unique places that I doubt we will ever see the likes of again.

  3. When one door closes, another one opens, it's all good. Hey, I was sad to see the Fireworks Factory go ……

    As always – THANK YOU so much for the pictures!!!

  4. you want to hear something completely messed up? While Pleasure Island was open it was the most succesful and highest grossing group of night clubs in the US.

    I hope the upper management who decided to close it gets a taste of karma.

  5. The suits at TDO never liked PI. Once Eisner left there was no one to stop TDO from declaring PI was more trouble then it was worth and shut the thing down. TDO has a great history of misrepresenting things to Burbank, look at what happened with 20K. I have many fond memories of the Comedy Club and especially the Adventurer's Club. I have not been back to WDW since the club shutdown, and I used to visit WDW three times a year. Kongalush!!!!

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