Park 13: Another Tower of Terror Figure Revealed

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Is it just me, or is Tower of Terror becoming the new Yeti? We are getting a lot of them. The Disney Parks Blog teased readers with a look at our first known figure from Park 13.

It is a Cast Member from the Tower of Terror. I’d love to see this in color, but it looks like he has a cap drawn onto one ear and the rustic inside of the hotel look drawn onto the ears as well. Do you like this more than the Tower of Terror Chaser figure?

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  1. Meh.

    I’m like you, need to see it in color

    I think they should have used TJ as the person for the figure and not Red Six without the beard.

  2. Ehhh. The chase figure was more sinister. But I think this is the bellhop from the Library video so I wonder if it will also have a ghostly blue or a more decidedly fleshy color.

  3. I think it looks good. I like the way the artist portrayed the figure’s face on the canvas. The costume looks good and the shiny shoes are nice to. It will indeed be good to see it in color.

  4. i think that the whole park 13 will be cast member vinyls like from expadition everast , pirates of the carribeen etc

  5. I would like to see Park 13 be figures from the “spooky” rides/aspects of Disney to coincide with the number 13 and all. A haunted mansion cast member, maybe Madame Leota finally, throw a MNSSHP Mickey in, a Phantom Manor, the troll that sends you backwards in Norway, the Captain Eo villian, a Mr. Toad devil, etc.

    1. YES. I’d be far more interested in a theme like that than another mixed ensemble. Even if they’re shortened to a 8 piece set. And considering the fact that Park 13 is rumored for a fall release, around the time of Reflections of Evil, even better!

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