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I was one of the biggest fans of Popcorns when I got my hands on it last Fall, unfortunately, the second series does not look nearly as strong. We will see 4 figures from Popcorns 2 release on September 6th at the parks and online. They will retail for $19.95… a much needed price drop from the ridiculous $24.95 that the first series began at. That series quickly went on sale for $5 online where many people picked them up and realized it was a quality product. Now, they settled in at $20, and that seems about right. Series 1 delivered some great characters with not only a unique, but a pleasing stylistic design. This time around, at least out of the four we see, I don’t have a connection to one of the characters and on a couple others the design is just scary.

There is no way around it, Ursula looks weird. She looks more like a Blooper from Super Mario Bros. than a stylistic version of The Little Mermaid’s Villain.

Then there is Stitch. He has been done in so many ways and I thought it was impossible to not make Stitch look adorable… until now.

Popcorns is such a cute, playful platform and Stitch fits those characteristics… but this just looks plain scary. It looks like a character out of an intentionally cheap looking cartoon. Then there is Sparky. I never really liked the movie and therefore have no connection here.

Now stop me if I have my Donald Duck Club blinders on here, but I think Donald is the only saving grace in this set. He looks amazing and i gushed over him when I first saw him about a month ago. It will be the only one from series 2 I buy, even if we get another $5 deal.

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Brad B
Brad B

Gotta have Donald and Sparky! Ursula has been called by many different “not so nice” names throughout the vinyl world today. I am going to have to wait for her to go mark down before I add her to the Popcorns collection. Stitch is actually Gizmo from the movie “Gremlins” dressed up as Stitch. LOL. On the side view, the way the mouth opens kind of reminds me of Boo in her Monsters costume. I could see her face looking out of the mouth. Maybe they could do this Popcorns design as Boo in the future. Paint the white eyes… Read more »


That Ursula is a disaster.