Marquee & New Details Unveiled for Princess Fairytale Hall at The Magic Kingdom

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Here’s some exciting news from New Fantasyland at the Magic Kindom Park … Disney Imagineers added and officially unveiled the attraction’s marquee recently!


This beautiful character meet-and-greet is set to open this fall, and will feature stone walls and stained glass windows. There will be a large gallery with vaulted ceilings, filled with portraits of Disney princesses, where guests will have the magical experience of meeting with Disney princesses. There will be separate queues for guests to meet Rapunzel or Cinderella, each of which will be joined by an additional princess that can be Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, or Mulan depending on when you visit.

Recently, 11 Princess icons were added to the facade as well, representing every Disney Princess to date:








Stay tuned to WDW News Today for more as we get closer to the opening of Princess Fairytale Hall in New Fantasyland!

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    • -Apple – Snow White

      -Slipper – Cinderella

      -Spinning Wheel – Aurora

      -Sea Shell – Ariel

      -Book – Belle

      -Magic Lamp – Jasmine

      -Leaves – Pocahontas

      -Dragon – Mulan

      -Lily and lilypad – Tiana

      -Sun – Rapunzel

      -Bow and Arrow – Merida

      P.S.: I can't see Jasmine appearing in the Hall, since she's most likely going to remain with Aladdin in Adventureland. Instead, I can see Pocahontas being one of the "random" princesses in addition to Snow White, Aurora and Mulan.

  • Shell is Arial, Slipper is Cinderella, Apple is Snow White, Wheel is Aurura, Dragon is Mulan, Bow is Meridia, Leaf is Pocahontas, Book is Belle, Lamp is jasmine, Flower is Rapunzel, and Star is Tiana,

  • Merida- Bow, Rapunzel- Sun, Mulan- Dragon, Snow White- Apple, Tiana- Lily Pad, Jasmine- Genie Lamp, Aurora- Spinning Wheel, Cinderella- Glass Slipper, Ariel- Shell, Pocahontas- Leaves, Belle- Book

  • I doubt Jasmine will be in there, because she's in Adventureland with Aladdin, unless maybe they put the Genie or even Jafar with him! That would be something! :)

    • I was talking with a character attendant, and he said Jasmine would be going to Fairytale Hall, and Aladdin would roam, ala Peter Pan

  • This is my guess on the princesses and the icons:

    1. Lamp = Jasmine

    2. Lily pad = Tiana

    3. Dragon = Mulan

    4. Apple = Snow White

    5. Sun = Rapunzel

    6. Bow/Arrow = Merida

    7. Spinning Wheel = Sleeping Beauty

    8. Glass Slipper = Cinderella

    9. Seashell = Ariel

    10. Leaves = Pocahontas

    11. Book = Belle

    I am a big fan of fairytales and I studied marketing in school so these are the icons I would use to represent the princesses from a marketing standpoint.

  • I'm just glad Tiana won't be part of this. Didn't look forward to having to do this rotation dance just to see her, but that won't be the case

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