New Fantasyland’s Princess Fairytale Hall Opens September 18th

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The DisneyParks Blog shared with us today more details about the upcoming Meet-n-Greet opening in New Fantasyland at The Magic Kingdom. They officially announced that the Princess Fairytale Hall will be opening on September 18 for all guests to enjoy. Princess Fairytale Hall will feature two separate character experiences, guests will be able to choice between Cinderella and a visiting princess or Rapunzel and a visiting princess. Walt Disney Imagineering shared a video with a sneak peek at the new attraction with Imagineers Pam Rawlins and Jason Grandt.

Princess Fairytale Hall will feature a castle-like entrance, high ceilings and elegant wood-paneled rooms, the space will feature beautiful princess portraits, themed wallpaper, glittering stained glass windows and accessories that have been inspired by props seen in films like Cinderella and Tangled. Princess Fairytale Hall will feature Disney FASTPASS and Disney FastPass+.

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  • Great! Another meet and greet in place of a ride. Just what WDW's Magic Kingdom needs. The new expansion netted only one new ride – Little Mermaid. The Miner's Coaster, while better than Snow White, though that one was a classic attraction, is not the "E" attraction, MK needs. While the new areas are beautiful and full of detail, they do not match in any way the attractions being built at Universal. WDW needs some NEW attractions. While some ideas have been rumored, these need to be nailed down. Avatar is coming supposedly to Animal Kingdom. Star Wars Land and some version of Radiator Springs has been rumored for Hollywood Studios. Epcot may get Soarin 2. Still, these things need to be nailed down.

    MK could use a new Peter Pan (Soarin' style ride) built behind the New Fantasyland. Tomorrow Land could be renamed and updated with new attractions. A Sci Fi City, bringing in Tron concept may work.

    Epcot needs at least two new countries such as Russia and Brazil with some pavilions finally having ride attractions. A Tower of London Ghost attraction & a Mt Fuji Bobsled ride would be starts. Horizons needs to be brought back with an updated concept. Small attractions from Energy and Wonders of Life need to be brought into Innovations. Imagination needs to be restored. Storm Rider & a Geologic Earth attraction would add to Discovery Land.

    Hollywood Studios could use Star Wars Land and updated shows such as Tangled, Aladdin, Indy, need to replace what is currently there. A Monsters Coaster with a Pixar Play Land could fill out areas near the Toy Story attraction.

    Animal Kingdom needs to build Avatar or abandon that concept and go back to the Beasty Kingdom with a Dragon Coaster-style attraction, a Mythica challenge to save Mount Olympus from the Titans, a Fantasia Gardens. Also that train to nowhere could go to Australia and South America.

    The 50th Anniversary of WDW comes in 2021. Would it be something to see all these parks get the attention they deserve. Walt Disney would be looking to do something down this line. He after all came up with EPCOT and had he lived, he would have pursued it. Now bottom lines, higher share prices and profits seem to dominate the thinking of the Disney Execs. Where is the Disney enthusiasm, the ability to dream dreams and bring them to life? DisneySea is such a park. The Imagineers finally were set free to develop this fantastic, gorgeous park. WDW deserves such an approach. The New Fantasyland shows that beauty and detail is still a goal of the corporation. Would it not have been great if two "E" attractions had been added to that expansion.

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