RoE: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tee Shirt Based Combos

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
LE 2000 each combo
$29.95 each
Expected release date: November 8 2013
Walt Disney World Exclusive

Update: HQ pics added and box description. The box has a Tree of Life look to it. On the window is printed the phrase that goes with that tee shirt based set.

“Nice Kitty Kitty”

Now this set I can really get behind. These combos are based on Animal Kingdom shirts and it’s a perfect combination of Dinsey characters and other figures. This first one shows Mickey with a Lion. Awesome!

“Tigger, Is that you?”

Another brilliant choice. I remember this t-shirt and think the expressions are priceless. Let’s hope this is a bigger set then just two combos.

Any ideas what else could be done? With both these being released the same day, I worry there might not be more.

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