The First Urban Redux Series 2 Variant Surfaces

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At the trading event tonight, the attendees were treated to a special opportunity to buy some Urban Redux 2 vinyls before their release date this Friday.  In the process, Vinylmation Kingdom writer Jay Grumet was lucky enough to pull the first variant from this set, and share the photo on Vinylmation Exchange.  Take a look at the variant below:

This follows a similar pattern from the first Urban Redux series, where the variants mainly consist of color changes as opposed to major design changes.  A pretty cool variant from one of the stronger figures in this set.  I think i might prefer the color scheme from the original figure more though.  It’s safe to say that there will probably be another variant in this set, maybe even a variant chaser? Hopefully we’ll find out this Friday, October 25th, when the set releases to the public.  Will you guys be hunting down this one?