Variants Galore!!!!

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This week, three brand new variants have surfaced, one of which was an original sketch that never materialized. The first variant discovered comes in the Villains 4 set that releases this Friday. Originally discovered by Vinylmation World, it’s Dr. Frankenollie from Runaway Brain, albeit with a much more sinister look and accessory. Definitely a scarier version than the original design.

The next variant is the first reveal of the hotly anticipated Marvel variants. It was originally discovered by Vinylmation Exchange member Alphonso Harris, and it’s a translucent Vision, one of the lesser known Avengers. It’s an interesting choice, as Vision is not necessarily a household, but I absolutely love it. And it will look amazing on the light-up base!!!

Finally, we got a preview on Instagram from Nacho Rodriguez of an abandoned Robots 3 variant. It was to be a robot Mickey with what is described as a “vintage” black and gold coloring. No reason was given as to why the design was canned.

So what do you guys think? Are these Villains 4 and Marvel variants must haves for your collection? Are you sad to see that the Robots 3 variant was never released? Let us know!!!

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  1. Dr. Frankenollie is a really good example of how a variant should be. The face is very different from the regualr version and the addition on top further differentiates the variant from the regular. Good job Disney!

    I like the Vision use of clear on a variant. Even though I am not a Vinyl Marvel fan, I do like how Disney uses the clear medium which relates to Vision’s abilities in “real” life.

    The R3 Mickey variant could have been a winner if the would have used Mickey’s typical color layout by simply adding red to the vinyl. If they did, it would have been a top notch variant. Maybe one of the best Mickeys ever!

  2. You asked if this is the first time a variant has an accessory not found on the regular figure. Technically, yes, but if you remember, the variant of Pinocchio in Animation 1 was the one without the donkey tail, while the regular version had the accessory donkey’s tail. So, it was the other way around.

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