New Lilo and Stitch Vinyls Released/Previewed

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Update 11/23/13 Full photo of Elvis Stitch added at bottom of page

Disney Store artists Ignacio Rodriguez and Enrique Pita have been very busy. Both artists have been slowly previewing their brand new Lilo and Stitch designs over social media over the course of the past couple of weeks. Today finally saw the release of one of these sets, while the other had yet another cryptic preview.

The set released today was designed by Ignacio Rodriguez and is exclusive to the Ala Moana Disney Store in Hawaii. It features Lilo and Stitch in appropriate Hawaiian attire and some pretty cool accessories, take a look:

I have a feeling these will be pretty sought after. This is one of the best Stitch’s I’ve seen yet, and I love how it looks like Lilo is dancing. Both accessories look great too. And the packaging is perfect!!

Additionally, Enrique Pita sent another preview of his Las Vegas Stitch. Take a look:

If the Hawaiian release is any indication of how this is going to turn out, I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait to see the full image of this design!! What do you guys think? Will you be flying out to Hawaii to grab one of those two packs? And do you think this Elvis Stitch will have a guitar accessory too?