“You Could Be In Pictures Kid!” Hollywood Brown Derby Lobby To Interact with MagicBand

Story courtesy of Jeremiah Good @JeremiahGood


The Hollywood Brown Derby just began some early testing with changing framed “magazine covers” on the walls in the lobby. The frames were installed several weeks ago, but tests actually using these screen pictures just began this past weekend.


At this point, if a cast member with a photo attached to their MagicBands walks into the lobby, they will appear on the cover of the framed magazines. When the final product rolls out with MyMagic+, when guests with reservations come into the restaurant, it will trigger with a “set” picture attached to their MagicBand to appear on the screens.


Once the guest is seated at a table, they will be brought a photo print of their cover. There is no word yet on if this would be an added cost to buy or included with PhotoPass. It is also possible that this will be part of MyMemoryMaker, which we still have no further details on.


The pictures you see in this post are the default pictures. The little black dot on the upper left hand corner of the pictures is the sensor.

So, what do you think? Is this a cool use of MagicBand technology, or a waste?


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Dan Heaton
6 years ago

This is cool as a fun gimmick, but it still bugs me that Disney seems more focused on this type of technology than actually building new attractions and rehabbing their current ones.

6 years ago
Reply to  Dan Heaton

This is not taking any focus away from building new attractions or rehabbing current ones. They're all still going on at the same time.

6 years ago

Interesting idea. Along this line. Is there a photo costume shop in HS? Like the old boardwalk shops where you can dress up in old style costumes and have an antique photo taken? I don't remember seeing one. I wasn't looking for one either.

Disney Hipster Andre
6 years ago

Wow. I can't believe I'm going to say this…but this its pretty dang cool.

Peter Gugliotta
Peter Gugliotta
6 years ago

Wow. I hope they install this in other restaurants as well. The BD is very


totalorlando Kev
6 years ago

Hi Tom / Jeremiah, At first glance this looks a lot of fun, provided of course that Disney don't try and push the prints too hard while you are sat at your table. Admittedly, if the DVC is anything to go by, they have learned not to 'hard sell' within WDW. Just compare Disney photographers to the pushier Universal guys for an idea of where I'm coming from! Two things make me wonder a little about the new Brown Derby frames: Are the images shown in the frame, purely picked out at random, or are they being 'edited' in a… Read more »

6 years ago

Kev, The photos that will appear are going to be some type of set "profile" type photo from what I have been told, more of just a head shot that will just have a filter applied to it. RFID can be a VERY wide range, the old Pal Mickey would trigger from 10 feet away I believe in most cases. This one will trigger when you enter the lobby of the Derby. The security worries are why they have the code you have to input for purchases and the biometric when you enter the park. Really MagicBands are active all… Read more »

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