Disney “Pulls Back The Curtains” on The Imagination Gala

By Brendt

It feels like yesterday that I was flying down to Florida from New York, gearing up for Reflections of Evil. Well Disney is already looking ahead as today they dropped the first details on next years event, “Imagination Gala: A Magic Carpet Event”. Here is the information that they released today:

You’re cordially invited!

Unleash your imagination at a ceremony where we will celebrate the “bests” of Disney films and attractions. The best scenes, the best characters, and the best stories. Where we will celebrate the characters we “love to hate” alongside the ones who make us laugh. Where we will honor our “bests” with an “Imagination Award”, represented by a Golden Figment. At our ceremony, nominees will arrive in the grandest of styles: by way of a Magic Carpet instead of a Red Carpet!

The theme for 2014’s event is sure to be the toast of the town. Get ready for “The Imagination Gala: A Magic Carpet Event”! Be sure to mark your calendars for September 5-7 to save the date for this upscale affair.

Please note that at this time, the Gala is still in rehearsal, as the academy is diligently working to ensure a fun and spectacular experience for all! More details about the event will be released in early Spring 2014.


I must say I am pretty excited for this, and will once again be making the trip, I just wish it wasn’t so far away!!! I’m intrigued by the idea of giving certain characters and movies awards, and can’t wait to see how this is expressed on Vinylmation and Pins. Interesting choice using Figment as the central character for the event, as this could possibly alienate West Coast travelers. We will continue to post more information about this exciting event as it becomes available. Until then, let us know how excited you guys are below!!!