Previews of the Jaques and Gus Two-Pack from Animation 4

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Animation 4 hasn’t even hit shelves yet, but today Disney provided us with full previews of the first limited edition set from this series. The designs are Jaques and Gus from Cinderella, and here are the 360 degree shots:

These vinyls were designed by Monty Maldovan, are LE 1500, and will release at both the parks and online for $29.95 on January 3rd. These were first previewed at Reflections of Evil back in September along with another LE set from Animation 4, a three pack featuring Huey Dewey and Louie. Jaques and Gus look great in person, and I think their expressions are captured perfectly. Will you guys be picking this two pack up?

Also, here is a picture of the back of the box they will come in, courtesy of Vinylmation World: