REVIEW: Spice Road Table Soft Opens at Epcot

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This past weekend the Spice Road Table soft opened at the Morocco pavilion in Epcot. There is no official opening date yet and in the meantime no discounts are being accepted (this includes Cast, Tables in Wonderland, Annual Pass, ext.). The restaurant is located right along World Showcase Lagoon giving it stunning views of the park and a new viewing location for Illuminations. The menu for Spice Road  Table is tapas style, featuring classic Mediterranean dishes. Also well the restaurant has a selection of beers, wines, speciality drinks and desserts. Spice Road Table currently does not accept reservations making it a perfect spur of the moment dining choice.

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The decor at Spice Road Table is simply stunning. Imagineering once again did an excellent job. Upon walking in, you see a beautiful bar. To the left is the outdoor seating and the indoor seating is on the right.

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Let’s take a look at what the menu offers for Spice Road Table…

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Pictured above is the Hummus and Imported Olives. This dish was a table favorite the hummus was so smooth and creamy with no aftertaste that you commonly find with the hummus you can buy in the grocery store.

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Above is the Mediterranean Omelet; this was a surprisingly good dish. It’s basically your standard omelet that is stacked on top of potatoes and topped with a thick tomato sauce. I thought it would make a perfect breakfast dish, it was odd to have the omelet mixed with items that were more traditional dinner items.

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Spicy Garlic Shrimp – the name says it all! It wasn’t as spicy as I was expecting and it sure was loaded with garlic.

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The Moroccan Merguez Sausage was by far the spiciest dish we tried out. So if you love spicy this is the dish to try out.

For those of you who have allergies Spice Road Table is happy to accommodate. I have a dairy allergy and the chef came out and I could actually have 7 out of the 10 items. Items that were deemed unsafe, the chicken roll, lamb slider and calamari. Another important note is that ALL the bread served at Spice Road Table contained dairy.  Unfortunately, on this trip we didn’t get to desserts so I am unsure if any of those items are safe.

Overall, it was great to try out the new dishes at Spice Road Table but no dish was a run away hit with me. The food was okay but once you factor in the prices and portions it has me in no rush to be returning to this location.