Disney Previews Many of the Costumes from Festival of Fantasy Parade

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This March, Walt Disney World Resort guests will feast their eyes on some of the most extravagant and elaborate costume designs in Disney Parks history when the cast of Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade dance through the streets of Magic Kingdom. A new daytime parade, Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is a celebration of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

The parade will bring beloved characters found in this enchanting land to Main Street, U.S.A. with innovative parade floats; a new soundtrack featuring classic favorites from Disney films and an original theme song; and an impressive array of stunning costumes. From first sketch to final stitch, the production process took almost a year to complete. The creations transpired in 10 different costume houses across eight cities and two countries, with the Creative Costuming facilities in both Florida and California among the mix.

Costume designer Mirena Rada is no stranger to Disney Parks, as her body of work includes design projects for Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. But when she was brought on to create costumes for Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, Rada reached a new milestone – designing for a Walt Disney World Resort theme park.

“This was a personal first and it turned out to be a very different experience from other projects,” said Rada. “Everything here at Magic Kingdom is done on a considerably bigger scale and the resources are aplenty. I took every opportunity to avail myself of these specialties.”

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Raven

An innovative 3D printing technology brought to life even Rada’s most intricate concepts, with the hauntingly elegant beaks of the Ravens in the “Sleeping Beauty” unit being a prime example. Using a 3D origami program, a paper beak was created and placed on a performer’s head to obtain the initial scale and shape. A digital sculptor then worked on the filigree beak design, which was printed, fitted and refined to produce the final shape. Each piece was base coated, bronzed, lacquered and gilded with fiery Swarovski stones to complete the finished look.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Cha Cha Girl

The Finale unit’s Cha Cha Girl is the queen of head-to-toe ensemble with her big top inspired fit and flare dress, bolero jacket embellished with sequins, star spangled tights and hair reminiscent of pulled taffy exuding the essence of Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Lion Fish

“The Little Mermaid” unit’s expansive Lion Fish provides a sneak peek at her new costume, featuring a fiery bodice, spotted wings, a spiny headdress and yellow eyelashes. The elaborate costume is one of 39 intricate looks created by designer Mirena Rada and Disney’s Creative Costuming team for the cast of 91 performers.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Swan Court

Set to waltz down the streets of Magic Kingdom this March in Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, a member of the regal Swan Court offers a sneak peek at her new costume, a soft yellow ball gown accented with an elegant feather headpiece and touches of sparkle.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Seashell Girl

Putting a modern spin on classic elements is a theme that resonates throughout Rada’s designs. From the swan neck collar and iridescent feathers on the Princess Garden unit’s Swan Court ball gowns to the sculpted conch shell headpiece and shimmering pastel dress that comprise “The Little Mermaid” unit’s Seashell Girl, the old and new are blended seamlessly – a trend that is ever present in today’s fashion world.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Swing Thugs

From the Swing Thugs aboard the “Tangled” unit’s massive longship to the troupe of Scottish dancers announcing Merida’s arrival in the “Brave” unit, Rada carefully planned and executed the detail of each piece. Visual cues such as color and texture choices were taken from each float and incorporated in the costume designs. Additionally, she closely studied the style guide of each film for whimsical details and fabric patterns to capture the essence of each story.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Floral Maidens

The “Tangled” unit’s Floral Maidens offer a sneak peek at their new costumes featuring soft lace details, colorful woven ribbons, bright flowers and lace-up shoes with floral touches.

A Sneak Peek at Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes: Lost Boys

A crew of Lost Boys offers a sneak peek at their new costumes featuring snazzy socks, furry plaids and tweed stripes and caps that pay homage to beloved woodland creatures.

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These are such inventive creative full of life costumes. Thanks for the sneak peek and I can't wait to see them in person on stage.

Susan B. A.
Susan B. A.

Not going to lie I wasn't sure about the parade at first. Now that I see this I think it might turn out pretty well.