Star Wars Weekends Discontinues Popular Hyperspace Hoopla Show

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Ask anyone what their favorite part of Star Wars Weekends is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the answer is always the same: Hyperspace Hoopla.

Well, that will be no more…


Apparently, the reason for adding the new nighttime fireworks show to the event is so Disney can axe the long-running Hyperspace Hoopla show where Star Wars characters perform in comedy bits and dancing to popular music. According to rumors, the show does not fit the vision that the company has for the Star Wars franchise. In other words, Bob Iger lacks the sense of humor of George Lucas now that Disney actually owns Star Wars.

The cutting of the show may also be for budgetary reasons, but based on the crowds the show has drawn every year, that would be doubtful. Disney has not made a public statement about the show’s cancellation yet, but the news has been broken to cast members.

Please enjoy our video of last year’s show, which in my opinion was the best of the many versions of the Hoopla that have been presented:

So, what do you think? Will you still go to Star Wars Weekends with no Hyperspace Hoopla?

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  • Hoopla was always the high point of the weekend, My family and I will miss it greatly. Now we won't be as motivated to make another trip down there every year just for SWWE. My husband and I have plans to go down soon, to be sure we will let guest relations know how we feel about the cutting of hoopla out of the schedule. One less trip each year to Disney World, one new destination some place else not spending money on Disney property.

  • I am a huge star wars fan, and this was the best part of Star Wars weekends besides the celebs. Needless to say I wont be going again.

  • i can understand why they have done it.. but at the same time i dont like it.

    i would have moved it to the beauty and the best stage, some wall props put up after like 7, plenty of space for people then and seats..

  • P.S.: A stupid, idiotic, untrue statement like "In other words, Bob Iger lacks the sense of humor of George Lucas now that Disney actually owns Star Wars" is something that I'd expect to read on MiceChat or WDWMagic, not at WDWNewsToday! >:(

    • I think it was proven over the years that George Lucas rather enjoyed the parodies and realized they were good for the brand and kept the franchise relevant. I don’t think it is all unfair to say that the company feels differently about Star Wars since now all the money is theirs to make. It is clearly a company edict at this point and they have a clear direction they want to go in with Star Wars (including ignoring the existence of Episodes 1-3). I’m sorry you feel that way about it. I also think that statement was meant to be more comedic and not so negative as you took it, which I can understand considering how other sites usually write about stories like this.

    • So right. I won't be attending this yr with the family. We went for Hoopla. No Hoopla, no us. Really, really disappointed.

  • This is upsetting, but I guess nothing to not make me go. I am glad to see that they replaced it with something else, and to be honest it couldn't have been cancelled for budget reasons since the fireworks cost WAY more then that show ever would. Maybe they think people like fireworks over shows?

  • I am so sad. We are big Star Wars fans. My kids really wanted to go to this. we have been saving money to go to this event . The dance off looked like a lot of fun. It is a shame.

  • Ive watched every single years hoopla on youtube after I was left in awe from watching the great darth vader dancing to thriller and have always wanted to go just to experience it.. now it seems that dream will never be a reality, something about it just really makes you feel good, its a shame that they don’t realize how awesome the hyperspace hoopla is and how many people who are going to be greatly disappointed by the cancellation of it.

  • Very dissapointed, will still go this year but it is already feeling like a lesser trip with no hoopla to look forward to. Will rethink attending next year.

  • I agree with everyone missing the hoopla. That was often the sole reason I would make the extra trip or stay the night for. I certainly hope it returns considering how much of crowds it always borought (obviously my family was not alone in loving it). The new show is, in one word, BORING. I certainly don’t plan on waiting to get a “good view” of it, not that I’ll have much competition for the view once everyone realizes that it isn’t the glorious Hoopla. I don’t care about “serious,” fans who didn’t like it could have just not watched. They probably won’t bother watching this new one anyway. And, the songs picked in the Hoopla always seemed to fit the characters’ personalities. I saw planty of hard-core Star Wars fans in the crowd watching and loving the Hoopla.

  • My son and I made the annual trip over (after cancelling our hotel stay since there was no longer a reason to go over for the Friday night Hoopla), we had a good time on Saturday but it wasn’t the same.

    We used to go over Friday after work/school, hit the Hoopla, stay at a hotel and then come back Saturday early for Star Tours, Jedi Training, etc. and then leave after the parade.

    With the new “minimal” parade route driving a massive crowd it hardly seemed worth the tri without the Hoopla to anchor it.

    Will be on property again for a training conference in June so we plan to catch the fireworks then just to be fair and say we tried it but based on the online videos/reviews, this may have been our last year at SWW.

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