Final Performance of Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade on May 31


The final performance of Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be on May 31, 2014. There is currently no new parade scheduled to take its place but this will be due to heavy construction happening around the park including around the parade route. In the meantime, Rivers of Light is scheduled to debut sometime in the future with no current timeframe set.

If you’re a fan of the parade at Animal Kingdom, go check it out before it goes away forever!

  1. My favorite parade at Disney World. So innovative and colorful. Sad to see it go.

  2. It will be sad to see this parade end. I feel it might be pre-mature to end it because of the new things developing at AKP. I wonder what will replace this parade if anything? I do suggest more shows times so I can go around the park instead of dashing from one corner to another to another for various events in between rides. We spent the entire day and did everything but my feet hurt because we went back and forth throughout the day.

  3. I thought they said that it would be leaving some time in June? I wish I could see it one last time, I used to work in DAK Discovery Island for the College Program and I would see the parade pass by every day. The park would surely feel empty without it. But I understand that there has to be changes because of Avatar. From my memory of how it works backstage, it does disturb the construction process so it makes sense. It’s my favorite parade that I even know the choreography by heart. I just wish it didn’t have to leave so soon.

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