6/30/14 Walt Disney World Photo Report (Epcot, 8-Bit Chairs, & More)

John Corigliano and myself visited Epcot over the weekend and took some phoitos of what is new and noteworthy in the park to share with you, so let’s take a look at the latest from the park:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Welcome to Epcot

An ad for Frozen Summer fun is on the times guide at every park right now…

Work continues to repair the water main behind Innoventions

Inside Innoventions behind Club Cool and Character Spot, some tables and chairs were added to the abandoned lobby area near the restrooms

The chairs have a strange “8-bit” look

Nothing too special about the tables, but a nice offering given how many guests crash in here during the summer months

The water features at Imagination! will be off until the water main is fixed

Not sure when this happened, but the Captain EO FastPass machines were removed

It’s quite the mess

The food cart between Imagination! and The Land is behind walls

The Odyssey has been a very popular place to watch the World Cup

Your World Cup update courtesy of Epcot…

Just a few minutes before this photo was taken, the place was PACKED for the Mexico game…

There is another soccer photo-op by the Germany pavilion

They also have the brackets board back here

The Glasskunst in Germany was closed for a few weeks for a small remodeling, but it is open now and looks great

The main reason for our Epcot trip was the new snacks at the Refreshment Outpost in World Showcase. They have two new yogurts and a alcoholic rum drink

In the 30 seconds between getting the yogurt and getting to a table, the Florida heat made the yogurt a little less photo friendly, but they were still absolutely delicious!

The coconut is my favorite, but pineapple was also very good. We didn’t order the swirl, but when we mixed the two, it was incredible!

In the cultural exhibit in Mexico, they have added a pretty crazy projection-mapping effect to this large stone piece

They are projecting the original paint scheme that would have been on the piece onto the now-grey stone

Every few minutes, the coloring fades in and out

New Disney PArks umbrella for sale in MouseGear, $14.95

There is also this character umbrella

And another Disney Parks design

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Grammar Queen (OK, Nazi)
Grammar Queen (OK, Nazi)
5 years ago

Cool pictures with a lot of great detail! God bless, but “myself” never visited anything.

5 years ago

Great pics!
I can’t wait to see all the renovations by Imagination especially the water features. Also I can’t wait to see the amazing colored fade in & out medallion at Mexico. We love going into Mexico to cool off during the hot summer heat. Also can’t wait to cool off with the new frozen yogurt flavors at Refreshment Outpost.

5 years ago

Nice pics THANKS! I was there in June and did not notice the projection on the tablet in Mexico. I did notice the walls behind Innoventions, and no water near Imagination! (!) and that Glastkunstststk was closed. That water main looked very suspiciously like a very round, very sinkhole-esque hole in the ground from the monorail – absolutely not kidding. What I saw was a ittle dozer sitting idle on edge of what I would describe as… a sinkhole. Not a joke.
Weird wild umbrella! PS – so where is this Disney Parks I keep hearing about? And does it have DVC yet?

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