Aerial Construction Photos of Disney Springs from 6/23/14

WDWNT Reporter Nick LoCicero once again takes us high above what is today Downtown Disney so we can see what is happening to make it Disney Springs for the future in this latest aerial update:

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Downtown Disney is pretty much a war zone right now, but at least the parking structure will be complete in a few weeks

Some road work starting to happen, preparing for all of the new access roads for busses and cars into and out of the area

It may be hard to believe now, but the structure will open by the Fall

A lot of the waterways near what was Pleasure Island are being torn up now

We can see that quite a bit of progress has been made on the Marketplace bridge

If you look towards the top of the photo above, you can see what appears to be a small amphitheater being built next to the large waterside dining building for The Landing

Pollo Campero is history…

You can see the new bridge to Saratoga Springs towards the top of this photo

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Disney Springs!

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