EXCLUSIVE: Full Details on Adventure Trading Company (Including a First-Look at the Juju), Debuting at Disneyland August 1st!


Beginning August 1, 2014, Adventureland at Disneyland Park will be host (for an undesignated limited time) to the Adventure Trading company, a new interactive game. The game was play tested with guests at the 2013 D23 Expo in Anaheim and is now ready for sa formal debut in the parks. We have the full scoop on how the game will work, what the coveted Juju look like, and how you can obtain them when playing the game today, so let’s jump right in…

Here is some information currently being distributed to cast members about the game:

The Adventure Trading Company is a traveling provisions and publications company that will be in Adventureland at the Indiana Jones Outpost for a limited time! The goods sold by the Adventure Trading Company will send guests on a wild expedition!


Adventureland has never had such a surplus of unsolved mysteries. Guests are invited to carry the torch of adventure and begin their journey today! By completing expeditions, Guests will discover inner strengths and collect Juju, distinct artifacts that prove they have what it takes to join the pantheon of Disney adventurers.

What is a Juju?

Juju are small, hand-carved artifacts that reflect ancient traditions of storytelling in Adventureland. They have been passed along for generations as symbols of adventurous values. Every Juju has a story attached to it, often the story of how it was obtained.















What’s Your Juju Story?

Adventureland cast members will receive a Juju and are encouraged to create their own adventure stories revolving around it. Make sure to keep the below in mind when creating yours:

  • Incorporate the value of the Juju into your story
  • Story must be time period appropriate
  • Story must be true to the theme of Adventureland
  • Story must be family friendly

Along with Guest participants, Cast Members are encouraged to create their own Adventure name. You will receive an Adventure Trading Company name tag from your leader, and it may be placed on the upper right hand side of your costume across from your Disneyland Resort name tag.

It can be as simple as adding a title to your actual name (Professor, etc.) or a nickname before or after your first name.

Here’s how the game works, in short:

  1. Guest buys a publication with an “adventure call-to-action” at the Indiana Jones Outpost. The cashier will notarize the publication with a stamp after purchase.
  2. The guest must then complete the challenge found in the publication
  3. After completion, guests redeem the challenge completed for a Juju and a cast member marks the paper as completed.

There are 3 Juju that are simply acquired through a food or beverage purchase:


  • Tropical imports is selling a “This Side Up” Pineapple Parfait which will give you the Pineapple Juju
  • Bengal Barbecue has the Venomade which will provide the Snake Juju
  • Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is selling JujuJuice, which gives you the Tiki Mask Juju


Similar to Disney Pin Trading, there will also be Juju trading with cast members offered. These trades will be one for one with a cast member. The difference will be an added step in the process. The Guest needs to ear the Juju, so a short “hook” will take place before trading. These “hooks” may be a question or a request, for example, telling a joke, singing, or telling a story. Don’t be nervous though, the cast member will help you complete the “hook” if you are having trouble and will make sure the trade actually takes place.

Guests will also be wearing the Adventure name tags, similar to the ongoing Frotierland game guests can currently play at the park.

The game begins tomorrow, August 1st at Disneyland Park. Stay tuned to WDW New Today for more information on the Adventure Trading Company.

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  1. I could so see Disney Merchandising going bananas with the various Juju products. The one that came to mind for me was an adventure bracelet for kids with the charms. When you complete a quest you can purchase the charm or get a stamp. They can be attached to rope bracelets or leather bracelets or even metal so they are unisex. Even Cast Members could have exclusive ones for kids and adults to trade. Other items of course can be an adventure passport where they get stamps throughout Adventureland after the quest. Apparel always sell when it comes to t-shirts with almost anything Disney and this could be for the more non-Mickey person. I should work for Disney – I would have so much fun!

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