VIDEO & ANALYSIS: Walt Disney World Introduces On-Ride Video, Tower of Terror Debuts First

Very quietly on August 12th, 2014, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror began offering an on-ride video to guests who had purchased MemoryMaker and have a MagicBand in their procession. The video is acquired at two points in the ride and automatically edited together as a really nice video package, as you can see here (we tried it out last night, so see if you can find some famous WDWNT faces in the video):

The video is automatically showing up on the PhotoPass website for guests with MemoryMaker who have claimed their Tower of Terror on-ride photos. Pretty neat, huh?

The only change to the ride that the video cameras make is a much brighter white-light that lasts for a few seconds as your elevator stops at the floor where the on-ride photo has always been taken. Otherwise, the ride experience is the still the  same.

Based on some testing that has been done with cast members over the last few months, it seems likely that on-ride video much like this one should be coming to other attractions at Walt Disney World very soon, including but not limited to Expedition Everest and the Haunted Mansion.

So, what do you think? Is this a cool offering? Would you pay to get on-ride videos like this for your vacation?

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