J. J. Abrams Teases The Millennium Falcon, And Also Teases Zack Snyder

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Your move, Zack Snyder. Over the last few months J. J Abrams, director of Star Wars: Episode VII, and Zack Snyder, director of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, have been having a friendly little Twitter war concerning the two movies. Both are excited about seeing the other director’s movies, but they each stand firmly in their own camp.

This new video was released today by J. J. Abrams and it teases the Millennium Falcon, but as you can see at the end it is more of Abrams pushing Snyder’s buttons.

Zack Snyder first started the war of the blockbusters back in July when he tweeted a picture of Henry Cavill, Superman, dressed as SuperJedi.


Not to be outdone, Abrams tweeted a photo of John Boyega, cast in Episode VII, as Boyegaman:


Snyder than tweeted a photo of Batman on Tatooine hanging out with his new sidekick, R2D2:


Abrams retaliated with a version of C3PO as the Dark Knight overlooking Gotham City:


Snyder’s last tweet showed a Stormtrooper being arrested by Gotham Police while also revealing an image of the new Batmobile:


It appears the battle between the two of them is far from over and is bound to keep escalating. Definitely a battle that fans from both franchises can enjoy.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be released on March 25, 2016. Star Wars: Episode VII will be released on December 18th, 2015.

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