Tom Corless’ 9/30/14 WDW Photo Report (Big Hero 6 Art, Backlot Tour, Rivers of Light, New Frozen Merchandise, ETC.)

It was quite the busy weekend at Walt Disney World, so I managed to visit all 4 parks to see what was new and have a ton of newsworthy photos to share with you in today’s report:

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The Studio Backlot Tour closed forever on Saturday

IMG 8125 L

IMG 8139 L

IMG 8141 L

IMG 8164 L

A Big Hero 6 exhibit can now be found at the Magic of Disney Animation

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IMG 8166 L

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Moving over to Epcot, menu changes have been made a the Electric Umbrella

IMG 8195 L

I decided to try the French Dip burger

IMG 8196 L

It was surprisingly good!

IMG 8205 L

I also tried the Pumpkin Macaroon from the France ice cream parlor and it was amazing.

IMG 8226 L

Over at the Magic Kingdom, this low clearance was added in the bus stop to ensure busses go the right way through the loop

IMG 8227 L

IMG 8228 L

The awning on the boat dock at the entrance was replaced, it’s now red instead of green

IMG 8229 L

The latest progress on the hub at the Magic Kingdom

IMG 8231 L

The Astro Orbiter reopened this weekend, but you can read more about that here

IMG 8254 L

The leave-your-phone charging stations in Tomorrowland have all been closed, the test period came to an end and we’ll now have to wait to see if it was a success and is brought back

IMG 8255 L

New Space Mountain ladies’ shirt

IMG 8256 L

New men’s “I conquered Space Mountain” shirt

IMG 8257 L

This artwork was previously on a black t-shirt and slightly different

IMG 8258 L

IMG 8260 L

Dumbo character sketches are now being sold at Big Top Souvenirs

IMG 8261 L

IMG 8263 L

New Beast plush for sale at Bonjour Village Gifts

IMG 8264 L

Instead of selling generic items, there is a now a Beauty and the Beast shield toy

IMG 8268 L

If you don’t have a FastPass for it, prepare to arrive at Be Our Guest at park opening to get a return time to eat lunch there or you’ll be turned away

IMG 8273 L

Even more of Sir Mickey’s has been taken over by Frozen merchandise, even Ariel merchandise got pushed out

IMG 8274 L

Some new Frozen artwork for sale

IMG 8275 L

IMG 8276 L

IMG 8277 L

A two-sided Olaf ceramic ornament was just released

IMG 8278 L

IMG 8279 L

Queue work continues at Peter Pan’s Flight

IMG 8283 L

We thought it would only be at Disneyland, but the Zero popcorn bucket was released at the Magic Kingdom! It costs over $13 but has a light-up nose feature

IMG 8285 L

Strange new t-shirts…

IMG 8286 L

IMG 8287 L

LOVE this new sweatshirt!

IMG 8288 L

Odd new Magic Kingdom shirt

IMG 8290 L

Simple, but nice

IMG 8291 L

IMG 8292 L

Halloween 2014 Duffy

IMG 8293 L

Some of the Haunted Mansion 45th anniversary lithographs have made it to Florida

IMG 8294 L

IMG 8296 L

IMG 8297 L

IMG 8298 L

An awesome new print by Alex Maher

IMG 8300 L

In preparation for “Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It!”, video screens are being installed on the floats

IMG 8303 L

IMG 8305 L

Moving over to animal Kingdom, it’s still a mess

IMG 8306 L

IMG 8307 L

IMG 8308 L

At least all of the construction walls are decorated now

IMG 8309 L

IMG 8310 L

IMG 8315 L

The UP meet and greet has seen better days

IMG 8316 L

“it’s tough to be a bug” re-opened this weekend

IMG 8321 L

Most of the nets installed to protect guests from falling particles have finally been removed from the queue

IMG 8327 L

IMG 8328 L

There are still nets by the base of the tree, not sure if these will stay here

IMG 8330 L

work is picking up on the new nighttime show, Rivers of Light

IMG 8333 L

IMG 8334 L

IMG 8335 L

IMG 8336 L

The Everest shrine is behind walls and probably will be until the construction is done in late 2015/early 2016

IMG 8337 L

Since one of the Wilderness Explorers’ answers is behind walls, they made a copy and placed it on the walls

IMG 8338 L

The walls wrap around most of the river

IMG 8343 L

IMG 8346 L

We can peek through and see that the construction vehicles are already in place, ready to start working on the show and viewing area

IMG 8349 L

IMG 8350 L

IMG 8351 L

IMG 8352 L

Some sort of new structure is going up by Flame Tree Barbecue

IMG 8353 L

An Oswald Christmas ornament was released

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  1. I love the Mickey/Goofy/Minnie Haunted Mansion lithograph! Wish it were available to purchase online. I can’t wait to see what the store looks like!

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