Upcoming Vinylmation Spotlight: Villainous Duos

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This is part of a series of articles spotlighting the Vinylmation that were previewed at this year’s annual Walt Disney World Pin and Vinylmation trading and merchandise event, “The Imagination Gala.” The event was held at Epcot’s World Showplace from September 5-9, 2014. Today we look at the new Villainous Duos series.

Last year at Reflections of Evil, attendees were given the opportunity to vote for who they thought was the “Most Villainous Duo”.  Our choices were Si & Am from The Lady and the Tramp, Pain & Panic from Hercules, and Flotsam & Jetsum from The Little Mermaid.  After voting was over, we were told that the winner would be turned into a limited edition two-pack, which would be sold at the Imagination Gala the next year.  The winner was revealed to be Si & Am, and Maria Clapsis went on to release this set, which was sold to us at the Gala:


At the Gala, it came to be revealed that Si & Am were in fact going to be the first in a brand new series.  This new series turned out to be “Villainous Duos”, a line of limited edition two packs featuring famous evil duos throughout the history of Disney films.  (It also turns out that it didn’t really matter who we voted for, because all of the characters ended up making the line).  We got 4 new reveals from this line at the event, which will start rolling out in November 2014 (November will see the release of set #2, since Si & Am are being considered #1 in the series).  Here are the reveals:

Imagination Gala 2014 355b

# 2 Pain & Panic (Hercules)

November 2014
Maria Clapsis

Imagination Gala 2014 522

Here we have Pain & Panic, Hades little minions from Hercules.  These guys are going to be the second release in the line.  I think both of these figures are exponentially better than the release we got in Villains #4.  Although that design did these characters justice, I just love how they look here.
Having them both stare up at the Fate’s eye that is drawn in Panic’s ear is a really cool design that tells a whole story.  Pain also looks great on the platform, since he is drawn a little chubbier.

#3 Flotsam & Jetsum (The Little Mermaid)

December 2014
Maria Clapsis
photo 4 (3)
Love Love LOVE how these two look here!! Although I was a big fan of how they looked as the chaser in The Little Mermaid series, I think Maria absolutely blew it out of the water (pun intended) here! The way they kind of wrap around the platform with the sand drawn in between looks great.  And I love how the arms that were used for Dory in Pixar #2 are working well here.  Finally, thanks so much to Crystal, who posted the following image, justifying while the silhouette of Ariel and Flounder is flipped in the ears here (and effectively proving Nick wrong):

#4 Anastasia and Drizzela (Cinderella)

January 2015
Maria Clapsis
Imagination Gala 2014 524
A simple, but effective design for both of these characters.  The Minnie platform is a fantastic touch here, since both of these characters love their dresses and bows.  And the expressions are priceless here.  If you’ve ever tried to have your picture taken with either of these characters at the parks, you know especially how funny they look here.  I spoke in an earlier post about how I liked how limited edition releases were being used as extensions to series, and I’m looking at this as an extension to the Cinderella series coming out.  We don’t get these characters in that set, but I like how you can kind of “add them in” by picking up this release.

#5 Jafar and Iago (Aladdin)

February 2015
Dave Perelo
Imagination Gala 2014 359b
I have to say, I think this is the weakest Jafar that we have gotten so far, which ultimately makes this the weakest of the five sets for me.  The Villains #1 Jafar chaser, and even the Robots #4 Jafar, look significantly better than the Jafar here.  Iago, on the other hand, I think looks great.  I love the little touches of blue on the hands and feet that gives him a sense that he’s flying.  And the feathers in the ear are perfect.  I think this is a good set, just not as strong as the other four we got previewed.
So that’s it, all five “Villainous Duos” sets.  Let us know in the comments which one’s are your favorites.  And if you picked up Si & Am at the Gala, will you be continuing with this line?

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