VIDEO: World Showcase Players Say Goodbye to Epcot After 32 Years


The World Showcase Players (under various titles) have existed in Epcot’s World Showcase since 1982, entertaining guests and amking them a part of the show. The group was referred to as the World Showcase Players as they performed in the U.K. and Italy for a number of years, before being reduced to shows only in United Kingdom a few years back. The entertainment group performed for the very last time on September 25th, 2014 and we have video of each show that they performed that day to share with you:

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5 years ago

why are they getting rid of them? stuff like this is always a nice break. Are the Main Street singers going next? I don’t understand the thinking of getting rid of these groups and the musical acts on the stage at Canada. Doesn’t make sense.

Han Moller
5 years ago

What a pitty!
Again an nostalgic icon gone.
I still remember my “role” as king Arthur with fun memories