Disneyland Resort Review: Mickey’s Halloween Party 2014

Image © Disney

Most the time in life one wouldn’t rave about a “lightly attended” party., but when the party is at Disneyland, that is, like many elements of Mickey’s Halloween Party, worth mentioning. But the light crowd isn’t for lack of trying. In fact it is intentional. So that’s different. And so is the fact that Guests are encouraged to wear costumes to the event, a usually verboten practice.

Mickey’s Halloween Party, which over the years has gone by several different names, is a separately ticketed event where guests can enjoy (not so) scary Halloween fun. There is a “mix-in” period available for Guests who want to arrive a bit early. Once the Day Guests, who don’t have wristbands are… eliminated, you will be chillin’ like a villain.

The California party is a variant of “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party” held in The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

The party on Tuesday, September 30 was a sold out event, but it never felt like it. Sure, their were some long-ish lines for some of the photo opportunities and of course, at times for the Haunted Mansion in its Nightmare Before Christmas costume. But overall the capacity for the event I attended seemed set nice and low, making for a really enjoyable evening.

Special lighting and music bump the “creep factor.’
In Ghost Galaxy, no one can hear you scream. A chance to ride Space Mountain in nearly total darkness.
Trick or Treat stations are abundant at the
You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Trick or Treat station at the Mickey’s party.
All Bad-ies; All the time in Town Square. Villain photo opportunities are popular.
“She seems nice.”
Halloween can be a time for mentoring.
I think the first couple “phoned these costumes in.” I mean, what are they supposed to “be?”
Great expectation…
A box of raisins in your candy bag. Photo © Disney

The hit of the night was was the special nighttime show – Halloween Screams: A Villainous Surprise in the Skies – an unwieldily name for an excellent fireworks spectacular. 

Your host: Jack Skelington. Seen here as a scary Jack-O-Lantern. Jack and other members of this terrifying troop are projected onto a large helium balloon.
The “globe” is a really effective trick and adds to the very different atmospheres that “Screams” evokes.



All in all, Mickey’s Halloween Party is an excellent experience. The best part being the slight number of Guests – roughly half the “population” of a normal day in the park.

These events are nearly sold out, so if you want to try a different Disneyland Park experience, act now.

Hurry back. Hurry back…