RUMOR: 5th Walt Disney World Theme Park To Be Built Before 2021, Located Near Flamingo Crossings?

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A 5th Walt Disney World theme park has been a dream for many since Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. We are currently living through the longest drought without a new theme park at Walt Disney World in the resort’s history: 16.5 years. As Walt Disney World reached its 40th anniversary in 2011, a new ten year plan for the growth of the resort was laid out, culminating in the 50th anniversary in 2021, which is sure to be viewed as the pinnacle theme park celebration in the company’s history. Sure, Disneyland is the original and Walt’s baby, but Walt Disney World was his last dream and has always been favored by management in the company for being the resort destination with the highest profits. This reasoning made it easy to believe rumors that a 5th theme park was one of the end goals of the ten year plan management devised for Orlando.

So, just a few days ago we told you about the groundbreaking finally taking place at Flamingo Crossings and why that seems to be important and indicative of larger plans for Walt Disney World in the next 8-10 years. Well, it seems it might be a good sign that a 5th park is coming, especially with some recent land purchases made by Disney in the surrounding area (hat tip to Screamscape to putting together some pieces of the story).

Disney owns 3000 total acres of land that are put aside for Flamingo Crossings project, located just outside of the colorful character borders of the Walt Disney World Resort on Western Way. 300 acres of this land seem to be getting some special attentions, a plot just behind the largest development pads for Flamingo Crossings. This plot may be home to Walt Disney World’s 5th theme park.


Why does this plot make sense? A lot of the reasons are those we presented for Flamingo Crossings: 429 is empty and the other side of WDW property is overburdened. Also, building the 5th park here would entice more companies to get involved in Flamingo Crossings. Disney has had trouble selling the plots until recently, but maybe the recent hotel development deal with Marriott was struck because they know something we don’t. One would assume Marriott was privy to this information before finally agreeing to build two hotels that will be the first tenants for the project. If Disney is telling possible investors that there will be a 5th park that their business can be steps away from, they are probably going to be much more likely to open up shop between Western Way and 429.


A lot of this is speculation at this point, but any big projects getting underway currently at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would be completed by 2017-18 and we know that all of the additions to Disney Springs, Epcot (Frozen attraction), and Animal Kingdom will be opening between 2016 and 2017, so the Disney World construction calendar is pretty wide open for the 3 years leading up to the 50th anniversary.

Does all of this mean a 5th gate? Will the park be located in Flamingo Crossings? Will the borders of the Walt Disney World Resort expand west? There are certainly a lot of questions to answer… and we’re not even getting into what the 5th park would be yet…

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  • I know a 5th gate is a dream, and has been talked about by fans for some time. However, I do not see why Disney would do so, why not just continue to expand the current parks and provide updates/new attractions. Also since Marvel is out due to the contract with Universal, and I cannot see a Star Wars park going there either, we have to realize that any 5th gate needs to follow Disney’s ideas of a story. Each park as a strong story involved with it, what story would they tell that would benefit from a whole park? Not sure that I can agree on this one. Although there would have to be something that would excite new companies to build in area, just not ready to believe it is a 5th gate.

  • but why would they build in new land they don’t already own, other than using the huge areas still unused on their own land?

      • I think Fabio was saying why would they purchase new land to locate a park when they already own 25,000 acres of land that they could put it on. Maybe it is for another reason

    • When Walt Disney World was 1st build, there was an agreement that only one third of the land could be built on. The other two thirds had to be kept as natural habitat. So if you add up all the roads,hotels, parks and backstage maintenance and storage they are running out of land.
      So they have to buy more land to expand in the future.

  • I keep hearing the rumor that it will be a villains-themed thrill ride park, so I’m going to make that my guess too. Seems like a great idea.

  • The “villains” theme park rumor has been going around for at least 20 years, I doubt if Disney can or will build a 5th gate for one main reason: staffing. They can barely staff the parks they have now.

    I remember a long time ago when this land was cleared, it was going to be a Downtown Disney kind-of area. Maybe that is the plan…

    • WIth all the cash Disney is currently spending on Downtown I highly doubt this will be another Downtown disney idea.

  • I’d love to see them move EPCOT’s Future World to another location and expand the World Showcase. EPCOT already seems like two completely different parks. As a kid, I HATED “touring” the countries, but enjoyed Future World. As an adult, I love the World Showcase, but FW does nothing for me. I’m sure my vision will never come to fruition, but a girl can dream. : )

    • At first I thought that to be a wonderful option too, making a whole park of EPCOT´s Future World and MK´s Tomorrow Land and uniting them in a futuristic park. However, I came to the conclusion that those parts of the parks are still enjoyable because we think of them as kind of classic and know that most of the rides have many years and may be a little out of date now, but we are ok with it. Making a new park out of it would seem a little too out of a date, i guess… does that make sense?

  • Does WDW really need another park? Maybe a different type of park that can eleviate some of the congestion at other parks and maybe something a little less expensive type? True, it has been over 17 years since AKP opened last but what about all the expansions that have happened since and are to come. There is available land at most of the other parks still for expansion purposes so I am not sure why another park would be necessary. But Disney Imagineers seem to always have interesting and awesome ideas up their sleeves. I wish I was an Imagineer because I have some techy stuff I would install throughout the parks and buses.

    Alright you just made me feel old when you mentioned 50th anniversary. Marriott would definitely not just build a hotel somewhat off the beaten path so something is up and since Disney is involved then the writing is on the wall and only time will tell but in the meantime it is fun to guess what might transpire and become a reality.

    If another park is coming then that also means more job opportunities which is a plus :-) ˚o˚

  • My hope is Marvel Universe. New York, Savage Land, The Moon, Negative Zone, Atlantis

    Star Wars seems locked into a big expansion at Hollywood and with the big investment in updating Star Tours it feels unlikely they would rip it out. But that is 6 years away.

    The character rights now at Universal Orlando could probably be bought back (they have been renegotiated in the past) or traded for, like Disney did for Oswald. Especially in 6 years when the life of anything, ride wise, Marvel at Universal has reached it’s useful life.

    Art of Animation would be my second guess with Pixar headlining.

    • Why not the idea of a Florida Adventure like California Adventure in Anaheim? Wouldn’t that be a logical choice and keep within Disney Theme?

  • I’m thinking the new park will be based on the movie “Avatar”. I read that somewhere while my family and I were visiting the park this year.

  • The orlando sentinel seems to think the Marriott properties are to cater to teams playing at the sports complexes at Wide World of Sports.

  • Can’t do Marvel because of the Universal deal that preceded the purchase. Star Wars is probably going to be taking up the American Idol, Indiana Jones, Great Movie Ride area to tie it into Star Tours. So, either Villians or some type of thrill park is the only options.

    I personally don’t think there will be a 5th gate, but that’s only my opinion.

    • they are doing a hero park it will prob. be all there hero. fanchise like incredibles hulk spiderman bh6 bolt ecc. in 2019 disney will have a chance to buy the rights to universals marvel land so universal will keep the rides but retheme them so most likely in 2025 this will become th 5th wdw park

  • It’ll never happen… If you actually drive back there, many of the plots have “for sale” on them… Unfortunately… :(

  • On the service road between Avalon and 429, there is a sign for a housing development being built soon. They also repaved that road so it is better to travel on. Could it be the beginning of a housing area?

  • Am I seeing this correctly that this area is currently outside of the property? If so, then why would Disney build there when the current resort property can hold (and has reserved) four more parks… Yes, the master plan for WDW is 8 parks… Seems a little silly to go outside of the boarders if they have land set aside for four other parks… But maybe I’m reading this map wrong?

    • Walt Disney World no longer has space for more parks without tearing something up. Before you say yes they do they have all these square miles of property its all about space and location. If you do an overhead over the property you will see everything is spaced as to not conflict with another parks scenery. There is NO PLACE on the property left to do this because of #1 all the new hotels that Disney has built and #2 the 3 golf couses they have. If they are willing to tear up a golf course there is property, without it there is not.

      • If you look at the RCID Master Plan ( you can see that there is definitely space or more parks, the plan even makes allowances for one more major and two minor parks. There is a large plot of land east of the speedway, another north of WWS, some land west of DHS that could hold a small park, and one of Western Way behind Animal Kingdom. This is just the suitable locations, if you take into consideration the areas that are combination of suitable and marginally suitable there is even more land available.

  • […] RUMOR: 5th Walt Disney World Theme Park To Be Built Before 2021, Located Near Flamingo Crossings? | … I love the idea of a new park, but at this point in the game what would the theme be? Could we possibly be getting the long rumored Villains themed park? Star Wars? As nice as a new park would be, should the Imagineers be focusing on the updates going into Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom before thinking about a new park? So many question, but with this being a rumor that is constantly talked about what do you all think? Reply With Quote […]

  • A park of discontinued attractions. Mr. Toad, World of Motion, Skybuckets (or whatever the official name was), etc. Of course, it won’t be and I know you can’t build a future out of memories, but I sure miss some of my old friends.

  • While I’d love to see the world grow… Until EPCOT, DHS are as much full day experiences as MK I don’t want an incomplete 5th gate. (I know expansion is happening but is it really enough to hit that mark? Still to be seen…)

  • I highly doubt there will be a 5th park for Disney. The only park I could see Disney making to compete with everyone else is a thrill ride park like Islands of Adventure. That would have to be off property because the rides would need to eclipse the 200 foot mark and at that point beacons have to be placed on the rides for airplanes. This property is far enough away from the other parks that those rides would never been seen from the maximum heights at the other parks.

  • If a 5th park does happen, I would love to see something themed around Toontown, you could have areas for Toon Studios, Houses of the stars and more. It would give them a chance to use some of the classic animated characters that are not really suitable for the current parks. Darkwing Duck, Gummi Bears, Roger Rabbit and more

  • There were rumors circulating years ago about the possibility of Disney’s Coaster Kingdom and the creation of a thrill ride theme park. I can’t imagine them doing a 5th park, but something along those lines would be smart to add competition up against Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens (even though it’s an hour away).

  • I think it should be retro Disney, the old rides from Epcot and the other parks that had to make way for new attractions. Parents could introduce their kids to the rides they knew and loved when they first came to Disney.

  • why not a Pixar themed park? They have enough movies now to have Cars, Toy story, incredibles, monsters inc, wall-e, frozen, etc lands in each section of the park.

  • When you sit down and think of it, the Coaster Kingdom idea seems logical. The main roller coasters are Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain at MK and Expedition Everest at AK. While you do have the 7 Dwarves Mine Train, it really is geared toward smaller kids. There is nothing that caters to the teenagers and young adults. My friend has two boys (13 and 16) who love roller coasters, so they have Universal/IOA passes. My kids are quite happy with Disney passes at the moment.

    I could imagine a number of people that would, however, like to see an area with Toon Town and JESSICA Rabbit.

  • No way there will be a 5th park. Disney ticket prices are already pushing some middle income families out of their realm. Adding a 5th park will make a Disney vacation out of reach for many families. Ticket price increases will accelerate to the point of major sporting events. Corporations buy tickets for execs and most loyal customers. It will never fly. Bob Iger said a while back “No new theme parks in the foreseeable future for Walt Disney World. I still believe him.

  • The calendar is not wide open from 2017 to 2021 – on the contrary, the construction calendar in at least two of the existing parks is going to be PACKED. The announcements have not been made yet.

  • I’ve heard rumors of a Villains theme park for a while, but I have always felt that seemed “out of character” for a full-family-friendly park, which I’m sure is how Walt would have wanted it.

    *Heroes* would be more like it – they could bring in Marvel or Star Wars or some more traditional Disney. A positive, hopeful escape from reality is what is needed, but a with a chance to bring some bigger thrills while still appealing to all ages as a theme park as a whole.

    I wish I could sit in on some of the brainstorming sessions – that would be incredible!

  • Not surprised to hear Disney looking to expand. California Adventures was a great addition to Disneyland and draws thrill seekers from all over. Would not be surprised to see more thrill rides themed around the new Marvel and Star Wars themes. Even throwing in a section devoted to the villains would be cool. Should be exciting to see what the imagineers are cooking up their sleeves.

  • I would love to see mickey club house come to life for the little ones but they do not need a fifth park for it. They need disney junior land with rides and activities for the little ones featuring sofia the first, jack and the neverland pirates, doc mcstuffins and all the new and up coming hit shows on disney junior.

  • Universal only has the rights to Marvel through 2018, therefore it is completely plausible that it could be a Marvel park.

    I’m however really pulling for a villains park, regardless of thrill rides being the main premise. Walt was a smart man, and within the realm of theming he was convinced to do Matterhorn, even though he was originally against having a coaster. I truly don’t think that having a villains park would be against what “Walt wanted.”

    And not to be crass, but has the company really always stuck by what Walt wanted?

    I think doing the Villains gathering at Studios these past two years was a mini test run to see how much interest there was. Not to mention the Maleficent film, upcoming Cruella De Ville film, among all the villains merchandise.

    • Universal doesnt have an end to the Marvel deal, they can keep marvel forever as long as the characters are used in a way that doesnt tarnish the look of them, they dont own all the characters except for the big ones. Its a pipe dream to think that Disney World will be getting anything to do with Spidy or the Avengers

  • I would love it and I’m a huge Disney lover! I see characters and princesses in 4 parks the fifth park would be so cool to see the characters and Princesses!

  • I really think it will be a park with lots of roller coasters. They have to keep the teens interested. Right now they have Islands of Adventure to compete with. My granddaughters will hands down go to Islands

  • What about the pirates of the Caribbean them park with all the movies they could do a ton of things with that, roller coaster’s water rides, just a thought,

  • Disney employee told me years ago next park would be heroes and villains. Plus marvel is only locked down to old stuff so guardians of the Galaxy is wide open. Throw in Star Wars and all the old heroes and villains of Disney you can have a heck of a theme park.

  • They probably purchased the land you idicated but I doubt they will build there as it is outside the Reedy Creek district. They will probably convert it to preserve and then take some of the RC that is currently preserve and make it build-able.

  • I don’t think are going to build it so far away from the other parks i think that that is very strange. I like the idea of the villains or the star wars/marvel.

  • i think there should be a walt park where it all about Walt Disney yall should a restraurant with his favorite food.


  • I saw plans nice not totally new idea’s but nice. New park for sure. Will be awesome. Total greatNess.

  • Relax total awesome. Can’t wait. Every one will love it. I have lots of ideas would love to help.

  • I for one, think that Disney could theme a Country Theme Park, but it wouldn’t be very fun. Disney should just keep updating the four parks they have. The whole fifth park is hard to dream about. Disney should jut keep the four and the two water parks.

  • As a cast member for over 30 years, rumored to be THRILL KINGDOM. All thrill rides and roller coasters for those who crave the adrenaline rush of G forces. Compete against Universal’s Dueling Dragons.

  • Disney defiantly needs a park for the older kids and adults that enjoy the thrill rides, coaster eat. Keep it themed I agree. Disney style. I just returned from a 10 day trip and although I love Star Wars it should have been in
    Ts own park.
    . I mean come on , Mickey dresses as today and visa versa. They could have taken avatar and starwars and had a si fi based park. I think it takes away from Mickey who is the reason for all disney parks.
    Personally I am 63 yrs young my grandkids all are into the roller coasters, so they want to go to universal. It’s too hare and costly to do both. Of course Disney could buy out universal!
    I think a 5 th park for villains and thrill rides are just what Disney needs. It would pull the thrill crowd. I’m all for it and hope it happens while I can still ride the coasters.

  • Wow spelling errors,meant to say Mickey dresses as yoga and visa versa.

    Universal Disney together in on trip is too hard and too costly.

  • where are the other theme parks (6) 1.FLORIDA 2.PARIS 3.ORLANDO 4.TOKYO where are the other 2

  • It would be amazing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World with a new theme park added. Would it be great if another Disney theme park was built in the big state in Texas? I mean many people in the United States can go to on in Central America instead of traveling to one side of the country like from Florida to California. We could go to the middle of America more. We could still have the old Disney theme parks in America, but we can own a new one in Texas. It means we the people of United states would have three Disney theme parks.

  • Took that kids and grandkids to Orlando. The Magic Kingdom is too crowded, even in “off season”. Transportation is a nightmare all year round. We come from Texas, but less frequently than if there was a closer alternative site.

    In addition, you can’t compare Six Flags with Disney. Apples and Oranges. Six Flags is roller coaster land, and appeals to a limited demographic. I think Disney would do well in Texas and should be built!

  • They should make *satellite* parks or known as *Disney Lite* parks that are limited versions scaled down with the best attractions/shows with something unique to that section of land instead of an entire new expensive to maintain land that will raise ticket prices considerably.

    These cheaper to maintain satellite parks would be more widespread around the world and the USA so people who can’t get to WDW or D-land on a regular basis can have a taste of Disney closer to home.

    The infrastructure built will be appropriate to the climate the land is in.

    What would be cool is if they could make rides actually *connect* to different parts of a park instead of just a loop so you feel like your actually going somewhere instead of a big circle back to the original loading/docking ports.

  • With global warming raising temperatures and droughts intensifying (No I don’t believe the man made part as the whole solar system is actually having GW to some degree including Mars) it would also make sense to built more but smaller of these satellite parks.

    Sewage is going to become a MAJOR problem in the big parks as our climate shifts to drier and some areas hotter with thousands of tourists everyday using toilets and plastic stuff getting thrown away as plastic does NOT degrade.

  • Shhh Can you keep a secret? Major parts of plans from Walt Disney’s Original FLORIDA PROJECT Epcot being dusted off retooled to fit this area. More land to be purchased and incorporated into Reedy Creek Improvement District (like Florida will say no) for a 3rd city named Marceline Disney could then rebrand EPCOT into a true permanent Worlds Fair adding more countries to the mix. shows maps. It could happen. But only if the folks at Disney have the will to make it happen.

    • No it is not. It is a expansion theme land for Hollywood Studios like Toy Storyland will be.

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