RUMOR: Is A Jungle Cruise Store Coming to the Magic Kingdom?

Early in the Summer of 2014, we began speculating that a Haunted Mansion store would be coming to Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. That rumor did in-fact come to fruition as Memento Mori opened just a few weeks ago, but it seems Disney is happy with the merchandise sales for the attraction specific store, enough so to do the same in Adventureland.

The possible home of the “Jungle Cruise store”

Disney has already announced that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the next attraction to receive its very own merchandise line in early 2015 (titled “Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic”), but since that attraction already has an exit shop, there won’t be any construction or downtime related to the rollout of that merchandise.

Suspiciously, the Island Supply Co. store in Adventureland closed this week with little-to-no warning. All signs point towards a Jungle Cruise merchandise line being next after Tower of Terror, and this would just be the perfect location to sell the items since it is fairly close to the attraction. Needless to say, the store will probably stock the incredibly popular Adventureland line of housewares from Marketplace Co-Op, but we should see many new Jungle Cruise (and maybe even Enchanted Tiki Room) specific merchandise items when the store comes back into operation.

The Adventureland housewares at Marketplace Co-Op

No re-opening date for the store has been posted, nor has Disney made any announcement of a Jungle Cruise merchandise line at this time. Our guess would be that the store will re-open before the end of the year, remodeled and carrying the Adventureland housewares, before the Jungle Cruise items are released sometime in mid/late 2015.

Thinking of the Jungle Cruise and many of the amazing sight-gags and one-liners, we can only imagine all of the merchandise opportunities. What do you think?