“Frozen Fun” Event Confirmed for Disney California Adventure, Details Revealed

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Probably the worst-kept Disney secret, “Frozen Fun” is confirmed as coming to Disney California Adventure this holiday season. The event will be very similar in style to Frozen Summer Fun, which was held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. No start date has been released for the event, but Disney documents did leak what will be offered:

  • For the First time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration at the “Crown Jewel Theater” (Possibly Muppetvision 3-D)
  • Olaf’s Snow Fest in Stage 17
  • Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome at Disney Animation attraction
  • Disney Freeze the Night Party on Hollywood Boulevard (replacing Mad T Party)

Stay tuned for more information on this event as it becomes available.

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    • The night crowd is the reason why they got rid Mad T Party. They wanted to get rid of those creepy Disney fans and social clubs and bring back the family friendly attractions.

      Ever notice how the only people who went to the Mad Tea Party were locals, and never out of towners? Visitors saw it and turned around with their kids. Disney doesn’t care about locals because they don’t spend cash and cause crazy line queues. They cater to visitors because they spend all the money. And if an attraction isn’t making money or worse yet turning around out-of-towners, you best believe they will drop it.

      In fact I’m all for Disney doing everything they can to cripple local access to attractions. Locals wreck all the once in a life-time attractions exploit the systems in place.

  • Awesome! Haters gonna hate. It’s Disneyland people it’s for the children and I’m sure you guys are all childless adults which explains your comments but if you’re not happy with it then instead of hanging out at the mad-t party (which btw is also based a children’s story) go to a real bar where you won’t have to deal with Disney themes you don’t like. Just a mature thought from a parent.

    • way to generalize…. I’m a parent and I’m pay sad at this news. have you been to Mad T? kids have a blast dancing to White Rabbit and watching the shows that happen between shows, not to mention the Mad T Band themselves. if we’re talking about kids here, why not touch on the fact that Frozen is mostly for little girls…. what about the little boys? just talking parent to parent. quit being so one sided.

      • Kids also have a blast dancing to Frozen songs. And I think saying Frozen is for little girls is generalizing, I know a fair amount of boys who like it as well. And just like every other Disney movie it will pass and eventually something new will come along. Isn’t that what always happens? It’s all about the $$$ and for Disney, Frozen is their money maker. Especially since this movie has been 10 years in the making.

        • I’m 16, male, and love frozen. So to state frozen is just a little girls movie is (as Marlyn said, thanks for standing up for others!) generalizing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but seriously people, If you’re going to insult others by criticizing them for liking frozen, then the only frozen heart around here is yours.

    • Disneyland is not just for children. Its a place where we can all unleash the child within us. If you’ve ever head the opening day speach you’d understand that. Disneyland is where people of all ages go to be a kid. If YOU have ever gone to Disneyland you’d realize a lot of kids are knocked out by 8 or 9pm. Mad Tea was a place where the “big kids” (because let’s face it we all are kids at heart when we come to Disneyland) would go to have fun. And just food for thought, you do realize that you quoted Taylor Swift for you’re “mature parent post.”

      • Haters gonna hate was definitely not created by Taylor Swift goes to show how young you are. I agree with you on Disneyland bring for all ages and I’m sure that the frozen theme will not affect anyone of any age from going that’s why alln the let’s protest against is pretty ridiculous.

    • No I have a kid. This is something we both enjoy together. We have made friends here..and enjoy the band members. This is what we would do every night when we were there. It’s not just for childless the people. Even my daughter is tired of the a Frozen hype. Mad T has never been a dead party..it’s always packed always always rocking. We are heartbroken that it’s over

  • I am excited to take my girls to the Frozen event. I think that alcohol should not be in the parks. We (adults) can have fun without it. Mad Tea Party was great but it was time for Disney to “Let it go”, and bring in a winter wonderland!

    • They are still going to be selling alcohol at the Frozen night party. It is their biggest money maker, there would be no why that Disney would let that go and lose the profits. So either way you go, there is going to be alcohol in DCA, if not from that area then then the many many other places that sell it in that park. DCA was developed to be more of an adult themed park. Sorry if you don’t like that.

    • Boo to you! Soon you’ll be tired of seeing the same songs over and over again and the same show.

  • Maybe I’m not understanding profits, but when you pack a house every night you have The Mad Tea Party and your serving $13 drinks and everywhere I look someone has a drink in there hand having an amazing time, why would you change that!? Huge Mistake….I spend more money and stayed longer in the park due to the Mad Tea Party….super disappointed…

  • If I were CEO of Disney Frozen would be banned from all Disney parks. Tangled is better than Frozen and that is a FACT.

  • The only reason I GO to to Disney’s California Adventure is for the Mad T Party. Nothing else.

    We aren’t hating on Frozen. No. Far from it. I’m sick and tired of it. It’s too over-rated. If I see one more god damned Frozen thing, I will snap.

    Disneyland is for children. Disney’s California Adventure is for teens and up. That’s how I see it. The performers love their jobs. People are crying because Disney CEOs are taking away our daily cup of T.

  • I like that the first comment that says this sucks is from “Alice”. Is that Alice from the Mad T Party?

    It would be good to do a different theme EACH YEAR for their dance place in hollywood, but if you could do the ElecTRONica laserman show (and other shows) again for maybe a special weekend once in a while? That’d be acceptable, as long as I hear about them ahead of time.

  • It seems as though this is only for the Holiday season so Mad T Party will most likely return next year. How about everyone calm their tits.

  • If For the First time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is the same at Hollywood Studios at WDW – then its a great show. Surprisingly funny and fun

  • I WISH THIS WASN’T HAPPENING! I’ve been “hanging out” with Alice for the past 2 1/2 years. It’s sad to see it go… good news, I may be hanging out with the Frozen crew along ;)

    • Well well will miss Dani – think I know exactly what you’re talking about maybe I’ll give frozen another chance maybe if I find out that you are a part of it

  • Everyone chill out on frozen, They are this generation’s princesses. just like Ariel, aurora, snow white, Belle were each one of yours. If you don’t have your princess movie memorized, you don’t have any collectables, shirts, tattoos. Then you’re not a disney fan or didn’t have a childhood. Is frozen being played out? Yes, but no more than every other princess did back in her time

  • wait wait wait Frozen Fun confirmed? Confirmed by who? Miceage? They pull at scraps and have been wrong before. Sorry, but until there’s an announcement by Disney, NOTHING is confirmed

  • Thank goodness, get rid of those teenagers with jeans that’s as tight as latex condom. Can’t believe their parents let their boys wear girls jeans.

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