CONFIRMED: Table Service Restaurant to Be Added to Pizzafari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Internal Disney documents confirmed this week that there is “work to add table service restaurant to Pizzafari” ongoing.


Pizzafari is a counter service restaurant that has operated at Animal Kingdom since opening day, a fairly large counter service restaurant that often has trouble filling all of the gorgeously themed seating space it has. In fact, during the early 2000’s, a back portion of the restaurant was used as an annual passholder lounge. These days, the restaurant offers a fairly standard menu with fast-food pizza and a chicken Caesar salad, as well as a pretty lackluster breakfast.


The information so far is unclear as to how the table service restaurant will work… will it be an extension in the back of the restaurant, or will the restaurant be a hybrid much like Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom? either is possible. We’ll have to wait to find out more.

The project is part of a larger expansion of the park which includes two new sections of Harambe, Africa, the Rivers of Light nighttime show, new nighttime entertainment, a nighttime version of Kilimanjaro Safaris, and the AVATAR themed land. Changes to Pizzafari now add to a rather large dining overhaul happening at the park currently, with a remodeling of Flame Tree Barbecue, the closure of Creature Comforts to become a Starbucks location, and the opening of the Harambe Marketplace counter service location in 2015.

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  1. Is is the muffaletta bread of the Hot Italian Deli Sandwich and the Pesto that makes this lunch the best at ALL of the parks. MAKI tried to imitate it at the edge of Tomorrowland, but the bread was different. Wish they had this sandwich at all of the parks. Pizzafari rules for us. You can keep their pizza and calzones. Wish they still had the Kettle chips; they were much better than the Lays.

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