Frank Oz To Voice “Yoda” in “Star Wars Rebels”

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When I first saw this story, I kind of just brushed it off as no big deal. I kind of figured at some point the crew from Rebels would end up on Dagobah and meet up with Yoda (not that it is needed). Then I realized that “Frank Oz”, who was the voice and the man behind Yoda (that last part pertains to the Original Trilogy), is actually coming back to voice the character that he first helped give life to in The Empire Strikes Back.

In the previous series, The Clone Wars, Tom Kane provided the voice of Yoda. To have Oz come back is a bit of a big deal. Many people love imitating Yoda, but no one can voice Yoda like Oz does. A few months ago, James Earl Jones also came back to voice Darth Vader for Rebels. I just find it interesting that some of the original cast is contributing to the series.

The episode, “Path of the Jedi” will air Monday, January 5th, 2015 at 9PM on Disney XD. It will also be available a week before online through the Watch Disney App on Monday, December 29th.


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