RUMOR: The Very Latest On Possible Attractions For Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Earlier this year, we broke the story that the Backlot Tour was closing and rumors of a third track being added to Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Since then, rumors have been swirling about what guests will actually find if and when a Toy Story Land comes to fruition in that area of the park (keep in mind we’re not even talking about the other 2/3 of the Backlot area that should be cleared for other projects yet).


At Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland, the Toy Story Land is made up of three attractions: RC Racer, Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin, and Green Army Men Parachute Drop. If rumors are true, only RC Racer from that group will make it to Walt Disney World.


RC Racer is that one existing attraction that will be coming over to Hollywood Studios. The steel shuttle coaster launches guests back and forth, up and down the 80 foot tall track on what looks like orange Hot Wheels track.

Since Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree has tested so well at California Adventure, and since the proposed “Cheese the Mouse” version of the ride that would have been in Pixie Hollow in New Fantasyland was nixed, Disney will bring the ride to Toy Story Land as “Woody’s Round-Up”, where guests will ride with horse-drawn carriages that whip and whirl.

Last but not least, with rumors that Luigi’s Flying Tires at California Adventure will be replaced with a trackless, dancing car ride, the rumblings are that the ride system will be re-purposed for Buzz Lightyear at Walt Disney World. Since it hasn’t been built yet, it’s hard to gauge exactly what this is, but our guess is the dancing system will allow guests to tango with Buzz Lightyear in some way.

This is what we know so far and none of this information is official or even close to official (and anything not already under construction is always subject to change) and no announcement of this project is expected from Disney until at least August 2015 at the D23 Expo.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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  • i like that they are adding on but these sound terrible unless a bigger attraction is added and these are just fillers.hopefully so.

  • I really hope that most of these rumors are false. While I certainly agree that DHS needs some serious rehab, it does *not* need to come in the form of carnival level rides ala Dinorama. Disney needs to either build something unique in DHS (like a Star Wars Land) or bring Carsland from California. DHS is in dire need of a least two E ticket attractions, and nothing list above qualifies in my opinion.

    • I agree with being more unique and definitely 2 new E ticket rides. I really like Aerosmith, Tower of Terror, and Toy Story Mania but DHS NEEDS MORE and something EXCITING. Honestly I like the Great Movie Ride and Fantasmic and always overlook Beauty & the Beast Theater, Muppet 3D, and Indian Jones show because I did them several times and there is nothing new to them. But the park does need more.

      Some of my ideas that fit DHS – a 2nd Soarin’ like ride, maybe a 3D ride where you choose the Pixar movie – that is computer operated and changes sequence of its course or obstacles each time – like a Toboggan ride on Olaf from Frozen, factory doors of Monsters Inc., roller skating the chef line of Ratatoulle, race Lightning McQueen though various terrain from Cars 2, flying to space with Eva and Wall E, riding the EAC with Crush and friends from Finding Nemo, create a candy car and racing it against the computer through different terrain scenes from Candy Crush in Wreck it Ralph. Then anytime a great Pixar movie came out they could easily add it to the #D video sequence of the ride for riders to choose it and enjoy it instead of starting to build an entirely new ride that takes years to build, find new space for it, and never gets old.

      Many people like the Disney Universe & EPIC Mickey – why not make them life size 3D where you can create your world (the cue would be building and choosing) and the game would be playing in the world with your character. I wish I was an Imagineer!

  • It would appear they haven’t learned their lesson of all the hatred over the carnival-like atmosphere of Hester & Jester’s DinoRama at Animal Kingdom. The last thing DHS needs is a similarly-hated area built into it.

    • FYI, those haters are just a VERY teeny-tiny minority. Don’t speak ex cathedral from your belly button.

  • I for one hope that these rumors are true! With no Toy Story Playland in America, it would be a welcome and family-friendly addition, to balance the other more thrilling rides that are rumored to eventually go along with Star Wars. I also think that it’s smart for Cars Land to be unique to Disneyland, with something different for WDW, to provide a draw for both.

  • I am in agreement regarding the Diorama. From my understanding, more Star Wars and more Cars… I would like to see some more PIXAR stuff, not just Cars. Wall-E would lend itself very well to a medium intensity roller coaster featuring Earth and Outerspace… I’d still like to see some of the behind the scenes stuff. Can you imagine an audience participation where you are turned into PIXAR character? and for Star Wars… I would love to see something where you are flying in the Falcon or Xwing and shoot at virtual star destroyer

    • I too enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. I do miss the days of walking through the studio and watching cells being painted. I would be cool if they brought this concept back but we could see the computer generation of animation instead.

  • With all of the technological advances seen at Universal, here’s hoping Disney will add at least 1 4-d ride like Forbidden Journey or Escape from Gringott’s. Maybe something from Big Hero 6 flying over San Frantokyo.

  • As a father of two young children, a few filler rides would be welcomed at DHS. My girls like teh shows, but want to go on rides at DIsney. The only two rides they can go on are Toy Story Mania and The Great Movie Ride. They are two young to actually play Midway Mania, and the Great Movie Ride is too scary. So, that leaves nothing for them to ride. DHS does need some rides for toddlers (I would prefer something more like Ariel then those mentioned above, but would be happy with any of them. Even a Dumbo like Planes ride would be a great start). I agree that if this is all we have to look forward to, it would be a dissapointment. But I do think it is a good start.

  • These toy Story Land additions would only make up 1/3 of the Backlot, with the remainder still to be something else, whether it be Star Wars or whatever. If this happens, it isn’t all of the expansion for the park.

  • Living in the Uk We visit DLP more frequently than WDW & we visit Playland every trip, I have to say my kids love it, if rumours are true & RC Racer makes it’s way to WDW Hollywood Studios are getting the best attraction from the selection at Playland.

  • I’ve been visiting WDW for over 20 years from the UK and as an AP holder at Disneyland Paris, Toy Story Playland is possibly the most underwhelming area of any Disney theme park – EVER!

    As a big lover of Pixar, growing up with the Toy Story adventures, the recent update to my closest Disney resort is, in my opinion, completely soulless and has zero atmosphere. The rides in TSPlayland are all very mediocre with little imagination and excitement, its an area I don’t worry about visiting more than once, or even at all, on any trip to DLP.

    In my view, RC Racer is the only ride that could potentially withstand the footfall at DHS, but come on Disney, don’t just copy and paste here! Mix it up to create perhaps a ‘Pixar Playland’ rather than just Toy Story…?

    How about bringing the ever popular Crush’s Coaster from Paris’s WDS to DHS – maybe re-themeing to another of the Pixar classes. But it would hold its own as a staple ride for DHS as at WDS its the most popular E-ticket, with lines in Paris sometimes exceeding 240 mins in peak season! Or perhaps the little rat who’s caused a big stir in Paris – the Ratatouille Adventure still draws lines of over an hour even on low days!

    It just seems so much more feasible to capitalise on the whole family of Disney Pixar successes like Monsters / Ratatouille / Up and Incredibles. Or, as a regular visitor to Disneyland California – Cars Land seems like a winning formula, but again, would like to see something original at DHS.

    There’s so much opportunity here for Disney to create something really special at one of it’s most loved and iconic theme parks and I’d be very sad to see a carbon copy of such a unloved creation copied and paste into the coveted ground of the Backlot Tour!

    What’s the famous line from Fantasmic again… “Dream a fantastic dream, Use your imagination”….?! Don’t let us down Disney Imagineers!

    Josh, age 25, UK

    • Very well said, I have to say my 3 yr old loves it & 7 yr old loves RC but it’s definitely not an area that has the wow factor or attractions to suit all ages. Fortunately they seem to be choosing the best ride from the set (RC) & that’s all. I definitely agree a variety of Pixar rides would be ace, a possible Monsters Inc door coaster would be phenomenal. As for Cars Land that would get a big fat yes from me!!

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