Closing Date Announced for The Sorcerer’s Hat

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The Sorcerer’s Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be closing forever on January 7th, 2015. The final day for the icon and the store underneath is January 6th. Pins and pin related merchandise will be relocated to Sunset Ranch on Sunset Boulevard at that time.



The Sorcerer’s Hat is being removed for a redesign of the park’s central hub. No further details are available at this time.

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  • I hope what they put in the sorcerer’s hats place wont be a dissapointment..
    I always looked forward to seeing the hat

  • I just told my husband when we were there right before Xmas that they need to update the hat LOL

  • The hat was awful. It destroyed the theme of Hollywood Boulevard. It needed to go years ago. Probably the most universally hated icon at WDW. I’m glad a renewed my annual pass now.

  • I love the hat its a huge part of disney hope they relocate it somewhere else glad I got see it one last time

  • I like the hat – just not there. Pre-hat, the entire area gave off a 1940’s Hollywood vibe that was very cool. The hat takes away from that atmosphere as you walk up Hollywood Blvd. from the entrance. I would love it someplace near the entry to the park, maybe over the bag check area

  • The hat created a centralized icon (in theme park terms this is called the “weenie”) from which pathways would branch off. Hollywood studios was never laid our very well to start with for this to work but the hat functioned a whole lot better than the ugly Chinese Theater knockoff. For those who don’t think the hat fit the theme of the park, take into consideration this: how did Sleeping Beauty castle fit Disneyland? It really served no purpose other than functioning as a centralized icon. Certainly the castle did not play a major role in the film. The hat, however was key to Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It fit just as well or better.

    RIP Sorcerer’s hat. I hope they can revive you & it’s someplace magical.

    • The castle as well as all the castles serves a message. That being fantasy. The castle is a successful icon because it takes you back to the fantasy and imagination that Disney is known for with their movies. That being said. The hat that sits on the end of Hollywood boulevard does nothing but break the theme and story of “Old hollywood”. A huge hat that does nothing but provide shelter for a small pin shop doesn’t need to be there. It’s almost like a Route 66 attraction. The Chinese theatre, though could use the facelift, is Important to Disney history, much like how the carthay circle theatre in California Adventure plays it’s role at the end of the road. Having the hat gone will be a step closer to bringing one cohesive thought and theme to the park..

  • Glad to see it gone…it should have come down right after the 2000 celebration it was put in place for. It has served as an awful reminder of how cheap and disorganized Disney can bee for almost 1.5 decades. Good riddance!

  • People realize.. The hat was only put there to block the view of the theater due to legal threats from the real theater owners… I welcome the removal of the hat!!

  • As it’s an icon, I hope they take advantage of the easily scalable nature of the cone to make a magical mini-weenie to anchor, oh, maybe the entry approach from the buses/trams.

  • Please please please leave the street with the view of the Chinese theatre! It’s much more beautiful the way it used to be!

  • Wasn’t the hat installed to obscure the Grauman’s facade when rights to its image elapsed? Sincerely hope the changes to the hub and the planned revisions to the Great Movie Ride include a new iconic landmark at the end of the street.

  • The idea that they had to block the view of the chinese theater is completely false. If that was the case they would have had to remove the theater facade entirely. The hat was installed in 2001 as part of the “100 years of Magic” celebration and was intended to be removed at the end of the celebration, but the higher-ups decided that it was a much better icon for the park than the earful tower or the theater, much to the chagrin of the imagineers. The hat is not inherently terrible, but it’s placement there of all places IS inherently terrible. The Chinese theater facade is a much more thematically appropriate weenie.

  • My least favourite Park at WDW. I have to admit I have hated the hat since day 1, and will not be sorry to see it grow. The whole Holywood Studio needs a revamp IMHO as it’s tired and stale. I always thought a ride based on the “doors” in Monsters Inc was an idea the HS would run with, but still waiting for It!

  • The Chinese Theater is not an icon for Disney!!! Hopefully Disney will put up another icon in front of the theater.

  • Another Icon in place of the Theater would be fine. However, nothing should go in front of it. The biggest problem with the hat was it made the central plaza too small. When they did any event or show in the middle, the hat was where the stage should be, thus pushing the stage out further, and thus moving the crowd behind the trees and killing the views for all but the first few rows..

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