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Each year in September, Walt Disney World holds a weekend long, ticketed trading and merchandise event at the Epcot World Showplace. For years, it was pins only. Then, in 2010, they added Vinylmation to the the event. The following year, Vinylmation took over Sunday and was turned into its own ticked day. There will be no such day at the 2015 event titled GenEARation D.

GenEARationD_logoAccording to an official post on Disney’s Merchandise Blog:

The GenEARation D event will focus primarily on Disney Pin Trading. While you are welcome to bring Vinylmation figures to trade with other Guests, we will not be offering Vinylmation trading activities or selling Vinylmation figures at the event.

This is a huge and disturbing shift in the hobby. While many will rush to judgement and put the nail in the Vinylmation coffin, I’m not sure that death is eminent. This is however, very disappointing. With the lack of free trade nights at the parks, this was the one time of year, a large group of collectors, could really look forward to getting together and trading face to face. I will also miss the Vinylmation Talk that provided previews and months of content to discuss among the community. Many will miss the merchandise. I will not miss the trading with Cast Members at this particular event. I have said all along, that Vinylmation trading does not work the same way as pins, and that trade format for Vinylmation is just not as effective… as shown in the disinterest in standing in the lines for many attendees.

So what does this mean? That is a question we will be pondering online and on the Destination Vinylmation podcast for weeks to come, I assure you that. In short, I think this solidifies vinyls shift from its attempt to be the next “Pins” to being a boutique like art/souvenir item at the parks. Please leave your comments here in this post and we will share them on the next podcast.

Pins have made some significant changes as well including vouchers designating your number of trades and guaranteed pins that used to randomly placed on the boards. Read the entire Disney announcement here.


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No Vinylmation Day at 2015 WDW Trading Event GenEARation D | Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Guide

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Vinny Vetere
Vinny Vetere

I just got into Vinylmation and have decorated my RV with over 150 vinylmations. I would buy one every week I went to the park. Since they stopped trading at the park I have stopped buying. Completely lost the urge.