RUMOR: Disney Looking At Chris Pratt To Be The New ‘Indiana Jones’

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This rumor was originally started by fans after seeing Chris Pratt in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy,’  but now it seems that Disney is actually listening to what the fans are saying. I admit that after seeing his performance in the opening scene where ‘Starlord’ retrieves the Infinity Stone, it reminded me of the opening scene in ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ where ‘Indy’ retrieves the Idol. Pratt would make a great ‘Indian Jones,’ (see photos below). He just seems to have the confidence and believability to take on that role more than any other actor I could think of.

According to, Disney is starting to turn it’s attention to reviving the ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise and that Chris Pratt is under serious consideration.

The signs have been there that Disney is about to do something with ‘Indiana Jones.’ When Disney first acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, ‘Star Wars’ was the big deal and ‘Indiana Jones’ was mentioned as a side note. Paramount still had partial ownership and I believe they were contracted to make two more Indy movies. But back in 2013, Disney and Paramount reached an agreement where Disney would retain full control of the ‘Indiana Jones‘ franchise which included future movies and home video distribution.

I also remember hearing that of the big three from the original cast of ‘Star Wars’, Harrison Ford was the holdout for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII.’ Ford apparently agreed to be in ‘Episode VII’ if Disney agreed to do 2 more ‘Indiana Jones’ movies with him in it. Ford was not happy with ‘Indiana Jones And The Chrystal Skull’ and wanted the character to go out on a high note. So I don’t know if that is still on the table or maybe it is possible for Harrison Ford to pass the reigns on to Chris Pratt. Shia Labeouf played Indy’s son in the ‘Chrystal Skull’ but Shia is now box office poison and has been bad news  for several years in the eyes of the press and movie fans. There is no reason why Pratt couldn’t take on the role as an older version of Labeouf’s character. They seriously have to lose the name of ‘Mutt’ though and called him ‘Indy’, well after the inevitable happens to Ford’s character.

Harrison Ford in ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’:harrison-ford-indiana-jones-idol__index

Chris Pratt in ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’:guardians-of-the-galaxy-chris-pratt3

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