Upcoming Attractions from Around the World Added to Updated “One Man’s Dream” Exhibit Finale at Hollywood Studios

When “The Legacy Continues” section of “Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream” debuted a few years ago, we were promised that the previews of upcoming attractions and such from the company would be updated regularly. Just last week, the boards representing each Disney resort around the world were updated:

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Completed projects and the upcoming Little Mermaid show at Tokyo DisneySea are showcased

Hong Kong Disneyland focuses on the last major addition, Mystic Manor

Disneyland Resort features some recent projects, but also the upcoming 60th anniversary

Shanghai has added artwork for the Garden of the Twelve Friends and the Pirate area of the park

Some recent additions for Disney Cruise Line

Walt Disney World’s section focuses only on Animal Kingdom

The boat ride is happening…


Lots of exciting things on the way!

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