VIDEO: New Winter Version of the Main Street Trolley Show Debuts at Magic Kingdom


Several seasonal version of the Main Street Trolley Show at the Magic Kingdom have popped-up over the last few years, including Summer, Fall, Spring, and a Holiday version, but now there is a “Winter” edition of the show for guests to enjoy. Expected to run until March, the new show features the beloved “Walkin’ right Down the Middle of Main Street U.S.A.” song, but also unexpectedly features a song from Disney’s Enchanted (which I don’t think is a bad thing):


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: New Winter Version of the Main Street Trolley Show Debuts at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Please please please guys more stuff from DisneyLAND they have a version of this in DisneyLAND as well. I no longer have a season pass there but when I did I sent you guys stuff all the time and it was never published and you guys never contacted me back. All I ever hear about is Disney World parks and nothing about DisneyLAND (the ORIGINAL park) Even in your top ten news items from 2014 only one was from DisneyLAND. Ever since you guys combined the websites it’s only about Disney World and that does us on the west coast no good. I’ve asked multiple times for you guys to include more DisneyLAND stuff and once again I go ignored as there is no DisneyLAND stuff and no one has contacted me back. :( Here is my email address in case you can’t see it in the log in M i n u e t 8 8 8 @ a o l . c o m without the spaces of course because they won’t allow publishing of email addresses on the comments. I have half a mind to even give you my cell phone but if you email me I will give it to you. PLEASE include more DisneyLAND stuff!!!!!!!

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