Walt Disney World Ticket Price Increase Coming; Water Park-Hopper Option Being Added; “No Expiration” to be Discontinued

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To no one’s surprise, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort ticket prices are expected to see a small increase again in mid-February 2015. No exact pricing could be obtained yet, but some interesting changes coming to tickets were discovered.

Hollywood studios ticket booth circa 2010

A Water Park-Hopper ticket add-on will be introduced. At the very least, this will be an option for single-day water park tickets, but it may also be available as an add-on for other tickets as well.

The largest change will be the discontinuation of the “no expiration” ticket option, which allows you to keep an unused days on your Disney Parks tickets. Obviously, those who already have this option on a ticket will still have them honored, but the option will no longer be given to guests come next month.

We will provide more information on these ticket changes as they become available.


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  • Thanks for the heads-up!
    Do we know what range “a small increase” is in? < $5, $10, $20?
    Any info on APs?

  • Please, Please, please … don’t take away the DVC discount for annual passes. That is what keeps our family as annual passholders, which in turn, keeps up coming 3-4 times / year. Even when we run out of vacation points, we pay for a room on-site (usually, Riverside), eat at the restaurants and buy our share of Disney stuff.

    • Don’t give them ideas ;)
      With all the price increases and discount reductions Disney has been doing, it would seem their average guest has more and more spending money available for them to dig into. I’d love to know where they’re getting this from, It’s getting tougher here year by year as income is not going up as fast as inflation.

  • Very sad they are pricing so many people out of Disney. Thankfully I only have 1 child and feel badly for those with more.

  • I think taking the the no expiration on tickets away STINKS. Things happen when people are on vacation, someone gets sick or the weather keeps you away from the park and you now have very expensive tickets you can’t use. People fly in from all over the world to stay at Disney and it’s been nice to know if you don’t use all your tickets you can use them next time. People have paid the extra price for no expiration tickets. It’s not like they were getting something for nothing. I hope they rethink this!!!!! I don’t think Walt would be very happy with the fact that the SUITS are now managing WDW and not thinking about families like he did.

    • I agree with you, I do not think Walt would be happy the way anything is going. We started going in 1975, every year, the Contemporary was actually $49 a night! When that started getting steep we moved into the Contemporary Wings, when that got steep we started staying in the trailers in Fort Wilderness, which by the way, the “cabins” they like to call are probably the Winnebagos that they covered with wood to make them look like cabins, The insides look exactly the same as they did in the late 80’s early 90’s. We used to rent the golf cart, we also used to stay 14 nights 15 days. who could afford that now. We slowly moved into the Caribbean Beach when that opened, then to the All Star Sports, All Star Music, Pop Century and back to Music. We used to drive so if we got their early they’d put us up at the Polynesian. Now we’re lucky if we can stay 5 nights 6 days. Granted my kids are now grown and buy their own tickets, they basically grew up there, It went from every year to every other year, then it stretched to 6 years (which killed me) then 5 years, then 2 years in a row. Granted my kids should actually start taking ME! Anyway, I got sidetracked, the prices are ridiculous and just because Eiger got a big fat raise doesn’t mean he can raise the prices. Does he think everybody makes big bucks like he does. I don’t know when I’ll be back, it’s killing me and I’m not happy!

  • Wow! As if they don’t make enough money already. It gets harder every year to afford this amazing experience.

    • Anne this is the very reason we changed our planed vacation from WDW to a Caribbean cruise last year. We saved (or should I say it gave us) an extra $1000 to spend and our Family had a BLAST right down to our 11yo…..

  • Being affordable is not what they (suits and stockholders) care about. Market demand. That’s the game. If the parks and hotels are full, the restaurants are booked and the merchandise is sold, then there is no problem with pricing. That is why they have gone to better deals for package vacations. If you have pre-paid your expenses, then you have free money to buy extra stuff. And if some doesn’t get used, then Disney makes out from your loss. I was a frequent visitor when my kids were young and I could buy passes, but now it is just TOO expensive for the casual visitor. Its a shame because I do love the product. I also love the way a BMW drives but I can not justify the cost, when a good Hyundai Sonata can get me to work for less cost. Just haven’t figured out what my Hyundai theme park equivalent is.

    • The resorts are not full though. I guess that they’re full enough. They have to be careful to not price themselves too high. Wages are still stagnant and there’s only so much money a typical family can afford

      • They (WDW Vacations) shoot for an 80% average for the year on occupancy. With the different groups (pop warner and other sports) that come for large tournaments during off peak times, it helps fill hotel rooms to achieve the goal.

  • After four years in a row at Disney we will be planning our next vacation at Universal this year. Disney has become so expensive with little improvements to rides and attractions. It’s a shame that families have to take out a second mortgage to afford a vacation there these days.

    • Universal tickets are more expensive than Disney, as is parking. It’s not just Disney, it’s a US Parks pricing epidemic.

      • A Universal AP is about $300, and they also allow the payment plan for everyone unlike Disney, who only makes payment plans available to FL residents. I have a Universal AND a Sea World AP for less than the cost of the DVC-discounted AP.

      • As an Orlando Theme Park Vacation Planner I can promise you that Universal is absolutely not more expensive than Disney. Compare 2 Day Park Hoppers for the two parks (not even factoring in hotel stays and food) and I promise a Universal vacation is much more reasonable. Plus the rides are better, newer, and it’s not nearly as crowded.

    • Universal is more just as expensive as Disney and they only have two parks to maintain, Disney has 4, 6 including the water parks, and 13 Resorts. You want to blame someone, blame the workers, union wages have increased significantly over the last couple years and nearly half of Disney’s expenses go to pay for labor and benefits, someone has to pay for that! Ticket increases happen every year. Not only at Disney, but at Universal, Six Flags, Sea World… etc. This is a Business whos goal it is to make money, if you dont want to go, dont go, but stop wining about it. Universal typically raises their prices not soon after or sometimes before Disney does but I dont see nearly as much wining about that!

      • Still the majority of workers still make poverty wages and Universal and Sea World pay the same hourly wage as Disney.

      • Thank You Stephen, I totally agree with you. I am so sick and tired of everyone jumping on Disney because of this and that. They are a business and a business is to make money. I totally agree it is not a right nor is it necessary for anyone to go to Disney. If you don’t like it, DON’T GO but totally stop wining.

      • Universal isn’t more expensive. It’s pretty reasonable. I’m a Florida resident, born and raised, and I was planning a Disney vacation last year but cancelled. I just couldn’t drop big money on a deluxe hotel, tickets (even with a discount) and food while fighting those crowds and dealing with not-as-nice-as-before cast members. A deluxe hotel at WDW starts around $300. A deluxe hotel at US starts around $130. That is much, much more reasonable.

        Even if the US tickets are around the same price, you break even plus more with the lower hotel costs (and their hotels are truly deluxe). Add in the lower crowds, little to no construction (have you SEEN Magic Kingdom and DTD?) and less walking….well I believe I will be planning our late Spring vacation at Universal.

  • Hi Sharon, I’m sure they are. Like you said it seems no matter where you go it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Universal will just be a nice change

    • Maureen, Sharon is mistaken. Multi-day Universal tickets are much lower in price than Disney and I am sure your family will have a wonderful time experiencing all new rides, parades, and shows.

  • We have 3 children and used to annually visit Disney World since our firstborn was 2 years old. Not only are the rates rising too quickly, but our children are all becoming “Disney Adults” further impacting already increasing prices. What used to cost a few thousand for a week now cost 5-6 thousand- including discount codes. We had to quit visiting Disney. We turned to the beaches of Florida, summer vacations in Colorado, etc. There are many places to travel and have a great vacation without breaking the bank. I only wish Disney World was still one of them.

  • It’s really a shame that Disney keeps raising prices…Yes there are still gobs of people out there willing to fork over the huge amounts of money, but they are definitely beginning to price out the working families in America.

    I was looking at taking a little trip to Disneyland this year, and now I know I need to buy my tickets sooner than later!

    • well according to the headline it says Disneyworld not DisneyLAND, this website never says anything about DisneyLAND anymore

  • FYI: when the price increases, all the other theme parks (Universal, Sea World) follow suit. I’m a WDW AP for 4 years and was a Universal AP for 2 years – 1 year too much. After a year, my kids and I became tired of Universal’s few entertainment options and the “new-but-same” attractions there (ie: From Hannah-Barbera to Jimmy Newtron to Minions… and Back to the Future to Simpsons) and unappetizing food. Disney has been updating their attractions a lot more over the past 5 years and there are always different shows, festivals, and amazing fireworks (no “booms” at Universal). With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, Disney’s Boardwalk, and Downtown Disney, the cost of going to WDW is still a better deal than Universal!

  • Its a business they are not in the business of making it so everyone can afford to go. It’s all supply and demand people need to stop thinking they have a right to go on a disney vacation. I want to fly first class everytime I go to the airport but you know what I can’t afford it with my family oh well I fly coach or drive. Every year things get more expensive it’s life in America. You all are saving 50% on gas every week you can put a few more bucks into the mouse. You all have any idea how much it costs to run those parks. Disneys profit margin is aroun 15% in the parks division. That’s it apple makes 50% plus on the iPhone your using right now. it burns me up every year the same complaint about prices.

  • As long as Disney is able to pack the parks 365 days a year with the huge groups from Brazil and other deep pocketed guests the prices will continue to soar. Disney has amassed a very large number of committed visitors through Disney Vacation Club memberships that each member has invested tens of thousands of dollars in their families continued Disney vacations for the next 50 years. If you were to judge the economy my the number of folks spending their time and money with the mouse, you’d swear we were experiecing the greatest financial windfall in history.

  • Trying to make a profit (they are) and enticing more Europeans with great package deals. Pricing USA out of the market. So sad.

  • […] again, ticket prices look to be rising at Walt Disney World.  According to wdwnt.com, ticket prices are set to rise again in mid-February, by a small amount.  Disney has yet to […]

  • So does WDW still accept the old tickets and passports the way they used to? My daughter won a 1 day pass when they ran the 15 year celebration.

  • will the price of AP holder go up too or just regular tickets ? I would like to know so I can see if I can renew them in June

  • Hannah Miller…..so long as you do not make ANY changes to your package the ticket increase should not affect you (or it hasn’t in the past). However, if you make any changes, then the tickets will go up to the current price. You might want to consider changing to a room only for your hotel and then buy tickets separately. You can buy slightly discounted tickets through authorized resellers like Undercovertourist. Once you’ve bought these tickets obviously they won’t be affected by rising prices.

  • Maybe YOU’RE not doing better than you were a few years ago, but the majority of park visitors apparently are, or there wouldn’t be a price increase going into place.

    Attendance has gone up for the last 4 years straight. When demand goes up, you raise prices. That’s how it works. If you don’t think that’s how is SHOULD work, that’s probably why you don’t own your own business.

  • well I guess the ticket prices are only going up in Disneyworld not DisneyLAND since the headline only mentions Disney World, I swear this website doesn’t report on anything to do with Disneyland anymore.
    The DisneyLAND resort hotels have been full for months now and the park frequently fills up to capacity. The reason they did away with certain annual passes and added more blackout dates was because the park was too crowded for people to even move and people couldn’t get hotels during the summer, Christmas and other times of the year (partner hotels included) so they are trying to actually NOT crowd the parks and hotels as much by raising prices.

  • Do you know when the last day is that you can still purchase the no expiration option? Want to buy one more round before it is discontinued.

  • other pages I saw said $105 per day. What is next? charging to use the restroom, not a fan of Disney, they won’t get my money

  • Today – I noticed you can get a 3-day park hopper from Universal Orlando for $175.99 + tax or $187.43 in a buy 2 get 1 promotion that goes until June (normally only $185.99+tax). A 3-day hopper for WDW is $344 total. My next trip I may have to do universal since my last visit was pre-harry potter. The preferred pass is $259.99+tax which includes parking – or $130 per park vs $634+tax or $158.50 per park. Interesting to see what universal’s response will be.

  • Totally ridiculous and quite greedy for Disney to go to triple digits! !! Are the crazy?!! Predict they don’t make it more than 4 years after the raise!!!

  • When the prices of iPhones and Macs start to decrease, then all of these complaints will be somewhat more valid. Walt Disney World is a vacation destination, not food, clothing, or shelter. A vacation is not a right that everyone is entitled to – a vacation is a luxury that one must pay for on one’s own. Disney can charge whatever they want as long as there are those who will pay. For the life of me, I will never understand the complaining. I like Louis Vuitton bags but heaven knows, I can’t afford one. So I shop for cheaper bags. But I do NOT go to Louis Vuitton’s stores, website, or other sites devoted to Louis Vuitton fans and customers, and complain about the prices of their bags. I would rightly be flamed for such behavior.

  • Discontinuing the (added charge) no expiration option is the worst news I’ve heard all week. I literally just got back from a week at WDW and am glad I just stocked up on a 10-day non expiring park hopper… locks in at about $75 a day and will be using over next 5 or more years.

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