2/9/15 Marvel News Mash-Up (The Avengers, Mutants, Spider-Man, & More)

First Trailer For Marvel’s “Daredevil”

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The first trailer for Marvel’s “Daredevil” was released last week and shows some of what we can expect from the upcoming Netflix series that will premier on April 10th.

In ways Marvel’s “Daredevil” is similar to DC’s “Batman.” They both had lost their parents at an early age which caused them to pursue a life fighting crime where they would help protect the weak and take justice into their own hands. They both usually fight crime at night while taking cover in the shadows. This trailer also has a “Batman Begins” kind of feel to it.

As a boy, Matt Murdock was blinded by a radioactive substance. Although the accident took away his sight, it enhanced his other senses basically giving him superhuman attributes. Where Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, Matt Murdock works as a lawyer by day in the Hell’s Kitchen part of Manhattan and at night he becomes “Daredevil, the man without fear.”

Here are some images from the “Daredevil” trailer:

“Matt Murdock”:91DJVCO

“Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk”:aICLAS0


“Karen Page”:cVJp1JU

“Foggy Nelson”:rKFZHrX


Marvel’s “Daredevil” will premier on Netflix on April 10th, 2015.

Tons Of “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” Promo Art


Last week a ton of promo art for “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” hit the net. I am only posting my favorites, but if you want to see more, check out the links to Fathead.com and TonyStarkSincero’s Facebook page.

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Marvel Announces A New Digital Comic Book Series: “Avengers: Millennium”


“Avengers: Millennium” is a six issue miniseries available exclusively through digital media starting February 24th. In the time-traveling series, the Avengers discover that the Marvel Universe terrorist group, Hydra, have begun strange time-traveling experiments in Japan.  As the Avengers rush to stop Hydra, they are thrust into the time-stream and become displaced across several different centuries and eras. In order to save the present, they must fight their way through the past and unravel Hydra’s plans as they unfold across time.


Normally I wouldn’t think this was a big deal but something struck me right away when I saw the cover. On the cover you have the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-man. Is this a hint by Marvel about things to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I hope so!

Source: ComicBook.com

SONY’s Amy Pascal Steps Down


Amy Pascal has stepped down from her post as Chairperson Of The Motion Picture Group for Sony Pictures Entertainment. She will remain Chairperson until May at which time a new Chairperson will take over the reigns. Pascal was the most recognizable figure mentioned in the Sony cyber attack scandal that occurred a few months ago. Many of the emails with damaging information were from Pascal’s email folders. Even though Pascal will no longer be Chairperson, she will still continue to produce motion pictures for SONY.

This leaves a vacancy for SONY Pictures but it also opens opportunity. SONY Pictures own the movie rights to the “Spider-man” franchise. Even though Spider-man is Marvel’s most recognizable character, the new “Amazing Spider-man” franchise has underperformed at the box office compared to most of Disney s’ Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures.

According to Variety.com:

The biggest decision for Pascal’s successor will be how to handle the Spider-Man franchise. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ did respectable business last summer but was hardly the $1 billion blockbuster that Pascal had told folks that she needed it to be.

“Spider-Man” remains a cash cow, but the plans for expanding the Spidey universe through villain spinoffs and the next installment may be re-examined — since Pascal played the leading role pursuing that path. A new regime may take a stronger look at returning to the negotiation table with Marvel Studios over Spidey’s rights.

Sony’s last move on that front came during Comic-Con in July, when the studio dated spinoff “Sinister Six” for Nov. 11, 2016, as the next tentpole in its key property — while moving back “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ two years to 2018. The idea of bringing in villains is aimed at making Sony a stronger competitor against the likes of Disney/Marvel’s “Avengers” and Warner Bros.’ “Justice League” superheroes in the coming years.

Many people at SONY were not on board with the “Sinister Six” spinoff movie. If there was one lesson that can be learned from “Amazing Spider-man 2” it is that the story is just as important as Spider-man himself. That story was all over the place leaving many movie goers disappointed and resulting in bad reviews and bad word of mouth. Hopefully the exit by Amy Pascal will open a new door for negotiations between SONY, Disney and Marvel.

Chris Pratt Honors His Superbowl Bet With Chris Evans


Last time I reported that Chris Pratt and Chris Evans had a wager with each other for this year’s Superbowl. If the Patriots won, Pratt would visit Christopher’s Haven in Boston dressed as Starlord from “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” If the Seahawks won, Evans would visit The Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America. It was a close one, but the football gods favored the Patriots and Chris Pratt followed through with the bet and visited the children at Christopher’s Haven dressed as Starlord. He was also joined by his buddy, Chris Evans. Lets take a look at some of the photos.


Marvel Comics Announces An All Female Avengers Team Called “A-Force”


Last week on ABC’s “The View,” the publishers of Marvel Comics introduced a new superhero team consisting of an all female roster called the “A-Force.” The “A-Force” consists of current and previous members of The Avengers, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four and some members from the Spider-man Universe.

“We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of very different characters — from disparate parts of the Marvel U, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies,” Writer, G. Willow Wilson said. “They’ll all have to come together to answer some big questions: What would you sacrifice to succeed? What is being a hero worth?”

Noticeably absent was Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four, no doubt as a part of Disney/Marvel and Fox’s ongoing war with the movie rights of the Fantastic Four.

Andy Serkis Will Play Ulysses Klaw in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”


Last week Marvel confirmed that Andy Serkis will be playing Ulysses Klaw in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”

So who is Ulysses Klaw? In Marvel Comics, Ulysses Klaw is a human physicist who has been transformed into solid sound, and who wears a sonic emitter on his right wrist as a prosthetic device. He has often been shown in conflict with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers and is an enemy of the Black Panther. I am sure his presence will lead into a storyline for the “Black Panther” movie in 2017.

“Scarlet Witch” And “Quicksilver” Are Not Mutants In “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”


With Fox owing the movie rights to everything “mutant,” as seen in the “X-Men” franchise and Disney/Marvel owning the movie rights to “Avengers” characters, what do you when you have a character that is a “mutant” but is also an “Avenger?” This is a grey area in which both Fox and Disney/Marvel have agreed to share the characters so that the characters can appear in both of their movie franchises. “Quicksilver” made his on screen debut in “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” last summer. Now Quicksilver and his sister, Scarlet Witch, are about to make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.”

“Quicksilver” from “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”:


“Scarlet Witch” and “Quicksilver” from “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”:


According to the digital comic, “Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude – This Scepter’d Isle,” Baron Von Strucker has been using Loki’s staff to experiment with test subjects and unlock powers found within them. Two of the surviving candidates were Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, as seen in the after credits scene from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”


“Quicksilver” and “Scarlet Witch” from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”:


*In the form of a technicality, Quicksilver, along with Scarlet Witch, made their actual cinematic debut in the after credit scene from “Winter Soldier,” which was released a few months before “X-Men: Days Of Future Past.”

The “Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster” Big Showdown In Statue Form


Ever since the release of the first teaser for “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” we have been teased with a massive fight that puts “The Hulk” against Tony Stark’s “Hulkbuster.” Marvel has announced that their will be a reenactment of this epic battle in statue form.


The Hulkbuster is a specially designed upgrade to the Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark to combat the Hulk if he should go berserk and classified as the Iron Man Mark 44 armor, the Hulkbuster suit can really tear it up! The statue is based on its appearance in the film, and the huge armor looks as if it leapt straight off the screen. Iron Man strides forward to grapple with the green-skinned Avenger, leg pistons cranking and his right arm stretching out to make contact. The Hulkbuster takes it to a whole new level with a towering frame, thick armor plating and a stout shape. The highly detailed piece features all of the technological details of the Iron Man suit including surface armor, interior electronics, layered components, repulsor units, integrated weaponry and much more!


Don’t make him angry! The alter ego of gamma-irradiated Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, is an unstoppable titan of rage. Unrestrained and fully unleashed, Bruce Banner has left the building and the Hulk is in control. The massive green-skinned monster hurtles into battle, thick legs pumping and his enormous hands squeezed into fists to pummel anything that tries to stop him. The Hulk stature conveys a huge presence with his heroic proportions and rippling physique that stands out with every muscle on display. This one monster army of an Avenger is fantastically detailed with intricate anatomy down to his sinews and veins, all topped off by a fierce facial sculpt that captures the character’s never-ending anger! This time around, thanks to some tinkering by the science brothers — Mr. Stark and Mr. Banner — the Hulk does things a little differently, wearing high tech red-striped purple shorts rather than his traditional ripped and tattered bottoms.

Both statues are sculpted by the same master artist who was responsible for the Avengers Marvel Now series, the infamous Junnosuke Abe and are intricately crafted to perfection. The Hulkbuster Iron Man stands at a towering 11 ½ inches tall while the Hulk reaches 9 ½ inches (both in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale). Both massive combatants stride across the field of battle, while destroying a brick street underneath their massive weight. While each of the Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ ARTFX+ is an incredible display piece on their own, they’re even better together… as you can join their bases to recreate the epic battle scene in this summer’s highly anticipated film. Stay tuned to Kotobukiya’s website for more!

Source: Marvel.com

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