PHOTOS: See the NEW “Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic” Tower of Terror Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

PHOTOS: See the NEW "Hollywood Tower Hotel Authentic" Tower of Terror Merchandise at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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The Hollywood Tower Authentic merchandise line launched today at Tower Hotel Gifts at the exit of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:


The artist appearance taking place today to celebrate the launch

Many of the displays in the store were updated as well

Tin sign


Luggage tags

We’ll share more pictures of new items as they become available.

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  • Not to be a downer, but what the heck has happened to Disney?! They used to add a bunch of attractions and experiences, not the most excitement one can get is a new store? I mean, it’s fun to have themed merchandise, but it’s getting to a point that’s about all there is. Well…all there is besides standing in line to buy stuff, or standing in line to get your picture taken to stand in line to buy the prints. We used to go 3-4 times a year, now, every few years, and we really notice the decline in the place each visit.

  • Dawn, you must not have been there in awhile. They just spent about a half billion dollars on the New Fantasyland expansion, they’re investing another half billion to expand the Animal Kingdom and they have automated picture taking so there’s no purchasing taking place…it all appears on your MagicBand. This article didn’t post to suggest that the themed merchandise is a new attraction or in place of one. It can still be fun to look at.

    • Mike, you have your information incorrect. The Fantasyland project is 4 years old, it was reaction to Universal adding the first Harry Potterland. In Fantasyland, the largest attractions there are stores and a restaurant. Two rides they added over the last years don’t even replace the number of experiences that they took out to put the expansion in.

      The Avatarland you speak of is going to have 2 attractions (besides the multiple merchandising attractions), one a sales generator of building your own avatar, and again, they shut down one of the shows there years ago (Pocahontas), and moved the other (Lion King) so it’s a sum zero. Nothing added except sales spots, so the article IS about their newest attraction…merchandising.

      They also spent more than double the figure for the added areas in new system to track guest’s spending, sell your data to third parties, and are getting ready to implement new fast pass system tied to spending habits. Remember, the main reason for fast pass is to keep guests who shop out of cue lines and in the stores. Which is fine…I realize it’s a business and they can do what they like. But it IMO should be a business of a good and memorable experiences for guests. And that’s honestly and indisputably slipping, unless you thrive on merchandise. Our family sincerely hopes that changes soon.

  • Dawn, I think you actually have your facts incorrect. Fantasyland expansion isn’t four years old. Soft opening of the new area was October 2012, and it added four attractions (Mine Train, The Little Mermaid, Ariel Meet and Greet and Enchanted Tales with Belle) as well as the restaurant. The Animal Kingdom is not limited to only the addition of the Avatar attractions, but also several plans (including a large scale evening show) in an attempt to make the park an all-day visit.

    The money spent on RFID implementation is infrastructural. It is also no different than what is being implemented through “smart” technologies elsewhere, including things like Apple Pay and others. That’s the new normal in our society. I have been going for years and my family still has a good and memorable experience. Ultimately, the consumer speaks…if people don’t find the experience a memorable one, the bottom line will see it. Judging by the numbers, most people must still be finding the experience worthwhile.

  • Love buying prints & the “Drop In” one looks amazing. I just hope that there’s some left when I arrive in October!

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