CONFIRMED: Name Change Coming for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While no name has been revealed, Disney CEO Bob Iger accidentally confirmed a name change for Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the Q & A portion of today’s Disney Shareholder Meeting.


An announcement of the new name will be made at some point in the future, but Disney was clearly not ready to announce the change today.

With the removal of the Studio Backlot Tour, the Sorcerer’s Hat, the American Idol Experience, and the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, along with the on-going expansion of Toy Story Mania, and the upcoming overlay of the Great Movie Ride, among all of the rumored changes to be made to the park, the announcement should not be a surprise, but the Disney’s Hollywood Studios name was just changed from the Disney-MGM Studios in 2008.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available on this breaking story.

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  1. Yeah I like that disney movie studio but I feel like they are getting away from the hollywood movie making aspect so probably going to be frozen

  2. A bus driver told me it was gonna be called the Pixar/Lucasfilm Studios Adventure Park. Sounds legit.

  3. Would it be wise to trust an article with a vast amount of grammar and spelling errors?

  4. I’ll believe it when I see it. It costs millions of dollars to change and re-brand last time. I doubt they are eager to do it again. Until then, just another Internet rumor.

    1. Bob Iger announced yesterday during the shareholder meeting that a name change is coming to the Hollywood Studios park. So It’s safe to say this is no longer a rumor.

  5. It’s been rumored for months because they are dropping the idea that the park is a working backlot.

    1. They were no longer partnering with MGM for the park, so it made sense to remove the company from the name.

  6. My vote is for Disney’s Pixar-Star Wars land! I would have gone with Pixar-Marvel-Star Wars land but I believe Disney signed an agreement to not build any Marvel attractions east of the Mississippi…

    Or how about Star Wars-Arrendelle-Pixar land. That has a nice ring to it no? They could call it SAP for short.

  7. It was in response to a question from someone at the shareholder meeting. While no name has been announced, I think it’s safe to assume that it will still have something to do with Hollywood. Hollywood Adventure is my best guess since they are making more attractions where you become part of the story, instead of showing you how the story was made at a studio. You can easily find the whole quote from Bob Iger online. He also mentioned that big changes are coming, which we all kinda knew about anyway.

  8. I’m assuming Disney Hollywood Studios …the removal of ‘s like they did at california adventure or ,maybe something with tcm …but it doubt they do that since they could possibly change partners

  9. Disney Frozen Star Wars – goes along with only things they’re talking about right now.

  10. Disney’s Pixar-Marvel-Lucasfilm-Hollywood Land! LOL!!! Nothing with “Adventure” in it, there are already too many of those.

  11. Disney Studios perhaps?….why use the generic “Hollywood” in the title when you own the majority of the content that the attractions are based…

  12. SO…they’re going to change names…will spend a ton. And the parks will remain overcrowded with inordinately long waits. Disney needs to spend the money where it will make a positive impact on guest experience for a change.

  13. DISNEY’s Hollywood Studios symbol is the sorcerers hat…why would they take that down…and changing the name again? For what?

  14. I’m guessing something that’ll encompass both movies and TV without being exclusive to either of those. Might even come with a major re-theme of some sort to tell a different kind of story to suit the new name…like with Disney Springs. Something beyond the classic Hollywood motif as you enter the park.

    Exciting stuff, but I still say there’s lots of excitement in there being a studio element to the park…showing guests how the magic is made. Disney’s roots are in education through entertainment (edu-tainment). While it’s fun to look to the future, I hope they keep some of those edu-tainment roots at Disney Studios (and go back to them at EPCOT Center).

  15. They are not changing the name just to change the name. Disney is changing the name because they are “rebranding” the park which is something that is long overdue. This isn’t necessarily new news because it has been rumored for months on the message boards but we should expect a California Adventure size renovation/expansion of Hollywood Studios. Disney is dropping the idea that the studios is a working backlot and focusing more on submersing the guests into the movies. So expect a major Star Wars expansion into its own land and a Pixar expansion into the old backlot tour. It is also great to be able to see the Chinese Theater again the Sorcerer’s Hat needed to go. Exciting stuff for happening at Disney World!

  16. It will be called “No Matter What We Change The Name To Be You All Will Hate It And Still Call It MGM”.

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