BREAKING: Disney Confirms Expansion of Soarin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is expanding two of its most popular attraction in an effort to lower guest wait times.

As rumored, the Stage 1 building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be home to a third ride track for Toy Story Midway Mania. Disney has still not confirmed any rumors about a Toy Story Land for the park, but this may be the first step in the expansion.


Not only will Soarin’ at Epcot add a third theater, but the attraction will also complete the digital conversion currently being installed at Disneyland, possibly in preparation for a new version of the ride coming in the next few years.

Disney has stated both projects will be completed by late 2016.

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  1. why does everyone obsess over sorin being made digital. Digital projectors are no where near the quality of a film projection especially an imax one. Unless of course Imax has finally built a decent digital projector that can show colors and detail in the same way film can.

    1. Ah, yes. The tired old LP vs. CD line of arguing. How do you watch movies at home? Reel-to-reel projector? Whether it be sound or video, the digital medium is equal to analog these days. This is no longer the 1990’s.

    2. Have you been on Soarin’ lately? The film stock is a blurry and jumping mess filled with black spots.

  2. Late 2016? Are they kidding? It’s going to take two years to add a track and second theater?

  3. Could be that the full ride (existing and additional parts) would be fully functional by then. Possible the new theater opens for Soarin while the original is updated to prevent closure of the ride.

  4. Soaring while neat is not a great ride, I don’t see why people wait so long to ride it. The toy story ride was at a 210 minute wait when I was there last time, I simply told my kids would you rather ride tower of terror twice more (at a minimum) or wait in line for a different version of the buzz lightyear ride? We rode tower of terror twice more and the aerosmith roller coaster in the time it would have taken to ride the toy story ride once.

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