REVIEW: Be Our Guest Restaurant Begins Breakfast Test; Is It Worth The Price?

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On Friday, the Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom began testing breakfast service between the hours of 8 & 10 AM. We went to check it out on Sunday and see if the ever-popular restaurant’s pricey new breakfast would live up to months of speculation and hype surrounding it. Let’s find out if it did:


Yes, it is expensive.


Each table is provided a pastry tray. The pastry tray is pretty small for a party of 4, but I can see parties of 2 feeling like they got more than enough from this. With a few different reservations, we ended up having 12 in our party on Sunday morning. Now, you would think that each separate transaction would warrant a separate pastry tray, but it did not. The servers gave us 4 pastry plates for 12 people. If more than 4 people wanted a croissant, well, I guess that’s too bad. After asking several times, they did bring us a few more trays, but upon telling them that our kids would really love another croissant (if possible), the waitress vanished and never returned. I would much rather they simplify this as a basket of croissants and muffins, rather than this sampler that doesn’t feature many items that are easily share-able amongst more than 2 people. Besides that, they were the usual pastries you’d find at any of the breakfast buffets and most of the items are quite good… if you actually get one…


There is some variation in the trays as well, with a cinnamon roll being replaced with this tart in this case


The croissant doughnut was insane, but also insanely delicious. Very sweet, very soft, practically perfect in every way.


The Eggs Florentine was my favorite dish. The flaky, crisp pastry mixed with eggs and spinach was absolutely delicious.


The meat tray was good, but fairly standard.


The vegetable quiche was surprisingly edible and actually a really good option for those with special dietary needs. The crust was perfect, and there was enough flavor in it to feel satisfied with it.


The open face sandwich was also very good, but every order of this at our table was a bit cold. The ordering system at Be Our Guest can be spotty at times and you really can’t afford a delay in food coming to a guest’s table when there are eggs on it. Eggs cool down real fast and it was apparent this sat somewhere for a bit.


The kid’s meals aren’t huge, but they are kid’s meals. Our 4 and 6 year-old children enjoyed them, but there honestly was anything special about them.


Overall, some dishes were great and some mediocre, but none of them were bad. I’ve had much worse breakfasts at Disney Parks, and I wouldn’t rank this lower than many (not bringing value into play).

So, is it worth $20 a person? You might be surprised to hear maybe…

Look at it this way: A tremendous amount of guests book a breakfast reservation for the Crystal Palace really just to get in the park early and get a jump on the crowds. Crystal Palace is far more expensive than Be Our Guest Restaurant for breakfast. Yes, there are characters, and yes, it is a buffet, but the price point is significantly higher. An 8:00AM Be Our Guest Reservation is far more affordable for any family, and while there is less food and no characters, that same early advantage remains. While later reservations won’t have this advantage (and thus are more easily deemed overpriced, which I feel that the meals are), I can’t help but feel Disney priced this based on those who will receive this perk and perhaps some backlash from those paying a lot more for Cinderella’s royal Table or Crystal Palace. Be Our Guest is the closest restaurant to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train too…

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  • Was there a way when you placed your order at the kiosk to modify the entrée? For example, if I wanted to omit the tomatoes from the open face sandwich could I do so? For lunch, I have never been able to figure out a way to take the lettuce mix off a sandwich when ordering at the kiosk but no issue when pre-ordering online. Since there is no pre-ordering (at least not yet) I was wondering if you can modify at the kiosk.

    • I had the opposite but similar problem. When we went to breakfast, I got the quiche but wanted to add a side of bacon to my meal. Unfortunately the only things on the menu [at the kiosks] were the entree meals and beverages.

      I doubt Disney will ever add an ala carte option, because I’m sure guests would be able to build their own meals that were less expensive than $20.

    • Yes, I had them omit the tomatoes from my Open Faced Bacon & Egg Sandwich. Just mention “allergies” and they will do everything possible. If you mention “dislike” then they tell you to just pick it off the plate.

  • If the best things you can say about a restaurant have nothing to do with the food, best not to go there. I know people will justify spending money on crazy things at WDW, from restaurants to souvenirs, but $20 for that amount of food is just nuts.

    • I completely agree, I just think it’s a fair point in a world where some people made Norway dining reservations to get an early spot in line to meet Anna and Elsa. But yes, it is very overpriced.

      • It’s really a matter of priorities. Personally, I would never spend the money for any of the buffet restaurants, as the price is high just so dining plan users believe they are getting a deal. Obviously there are enough people willing to overpay for mediocre food so that they can see inside a castle, meet characters at a buffet, or get a good view of a parade or fireworks. Fortunately, there are other restaurants for those of us whose priority is good food as a fairly reasonable price.

        Then again, owning DVC gives us the advantage of having a full kitchen and spending pennies for breakfast every morning. Been to lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest once, and have no desire to go again.

  • Any word on it lasting after June 17th I have a trip on June 20th to the 26. Hope they open it up to more dates. Looks great.

  • So my big question is can we share?! At other counter service adults can order kids meals or kids can simply not order and share pastries and food. My kids would be very happen with a bowl of fruit and that pastry tray…. And I would prefer not to eat pastries that early I the morning.

      • My daughter (18) and I share lunch at BOG often with no problems and its the same type of ordering system. I’m a bit thrown by the prix fixe and the pastry tray though…… I did hear of adults ordering of the children’s menu for breakfast

  • Having eaten at Crystal Palace for breakfast last summer, I can honestly say it is not “far more expensive” than Be Our Guest. Our party of 3 adults paid (with tax) $79.85 for the character meal but Be Our Guest would cost us (with tax) $63.87. In Disney, for a buffet character meal I don’t consider $16 for 3 adults far more expensive. I for one will stick with Crystal Palace so that way when we want more pastries, we can have them without servers going MIA, and if we want more of an entrée, we can have that too since the Be Our Guest portions seemed pretty small.

  • How long did breakfast take? We have an 8:10am reservation and I am wondering if we’ll be able to make it over to Fairytale Hall before the rush. First time to Disney, so I wasn’t sure what they let you do after you eat and before the park officially opens.

    • It all depends of when the park opens, most mornings it is 9am but don’t forget about the Extended Magic Hours, so sometimes it is 8am. If your reservation is 8:10am you should have more than enough time to pay, delivery, eat. I suggest someone stay at the table while the rest of your party explores the 3 rooms and grabs extra fountain drinks.

  • Just a note regarding beverages – one is included with each meal and it will be reflected on your receipt as the beverage you ordered and $0. You can also go to the beverage area and get another one. I always get a bottle of Desani water or juice which is anywhere on the WDW property $2 to $5, so I take it with me for the rest of the day at the park. At breakfast I always get coffee and lunch soda/pop :-)

    So to recap for breakfast at Be Our Guest – $19.99 gets your a choice of adult breakfast, beverage, and a platter of assorted pastries. I thought it was a good deal. We have enjoyed all of our meals at Be Our Guest so far and it is now our FAVORITE restaurant at Magic Kingdom!

    If the rumors are correct – and the next Magic Kingdom themed restaurant along the same premise of Be Our Guest (quick service but served to you) will be somewhere near the Jungle Cruise. Crossing our fingers :-)

  • As of November 2017, all breakfast entrees are now $25 and the menu hasn’t changed any! You may as well pay $9 more and hit the breakfast buffet at the Crystal Palace and get a picture with Winnie the Pooh for those prices.

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