New Teaser Trailer For “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

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Today at Star Wars Celebration, J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy revealed the second teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Lucasfilm has officially released the newest trailer on their “Star Wars” YouTube channel:


Some images I was able to capture from the trailer:

New Lucasfilm logo:


A downed Imperial Star Destroyer and X-Wing:


Darth Vader’s cremated helmet:


R2D2 and Rey?


Luke’s missing light saber?

4A fleet of X-Wings:  6

X-Wing pilot, Poe Dameron:


Rey, Finn and BB-8:


Kylo Ren:


New Stormtroopers:


Rey (or Kira):


New TIE Fighters:


Stormtroopers being attacked:


Finn, an ex Stormtrooper:


New Star Destroyer:


Captain Phasma/Chrome Trooper?


The Millennium Falcon being chased by a TIE Fighter:


Into a downed Star Destroyer!!!!


Redesigned TIE Fighter pilot looks so cool!


Chewie and Han are back!


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the first chapter of a new trilogy that takes place 30 years after Return Of The Jedi. The movie is being directed by J. J. Abrams and will reunite the original cast as well as new cast members to continue the Star Wars saga.  Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to be released domestically on December 18th, 2015.

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  • YEAH!


    Now, I will say that I don’t think that trailer had the same “oh my God, it’s REALLY happening!!!” effect that the first teaser had, but man, oh man…

    Outstanding still captures, Joe. Especially the one of the X-wings flying over the lake. Which brings me to my number one wow factor about this movie so far. All the “natural” lighting. It’s something we really haven’t seen much of since IV. The final sequence of the first teaser with the Falcon was what initially blew me away. The way you could see the “natural” sunlight and see how the shadows moved.

    This is going to be REALLY FU…, oops, Disney site. It’s gonna be really, really, really good!

    • Good observation Scott! Yeah, I think everything looks great. I went a little overboard with my reaction to the first teaser and then after a few days, I realized it was good but not amazing. This looks pretty damn cool though. Definitely a different vibe than the Prequels and even the Original Trilogy at times.

      I’m glad I did the screen captures because I saw a lot of things I missed at first.

      I was watching the conference and damn Carrie Fisher. I think they should have just CGI’d her. I’m sure she will be OK but you can tell that her past came back to haunt her. She was the one I was worried about the most from who was coming back. But hopefully she will prove me wrong.

      They brought out BB-8 on stage and that thing actually works. I remember hearing Hamill say that it wasnt CGI all of the time and he was right. Pretty damn amazing tech. They mentioned that Bob Iger was responsible for finding the company that brought BB-8 to life.

      They also brought out John Boyega, Dasiy Ridley and Oscar Issac. I really really liked Boyega and this is the first time I have seen him speak. He seems really cool and very grounded and he really impressed me.

      Lucasfilm looks like it is in excellent hands with Kathleen Kennedy. She knows her stuff and she is also very humble and most importantly a fan of the Original Trilogy. You can tell. Hope she brings Indy back since that was her baby. But I have a feeling if they do Indy, George is going to want to be involved.

  • I don’t think that’s Rey with R2-D2 in the 4th photo. I think it’s Luke. It’s the same hand he got cut off in Empire.

    • Hmmm. You could be right there. That’s kind of why I put a question mark because I wasn’t sure. The only thing is I am pretty sure you wont see Luke until the very end of the movie and have heard that they dont want to reveal him, just yet. But that right hand does look odd and Luke did lose his right hand. Was shocked to hear Luke’s voice. Which I think is another tease. I doubt we will hear that in the actual film. Could be wrong though.

      I still kind of think it is Rey because she (SPOILERS) is rumored to find Luke’s light saber and by him saying, “I have it.” may just have been a way to mess with us. Then right after that you see that person give that person to someone else and Luke says, “my sister has it,” and that is probably Leia that they are bowing down to and handing her the light saber.

      It could even be Kylo Ren. I have seen shots of him in a Rebel uniform, so dont know what is going on with his character. He may have started off good and then turned bad.

      • Well, Rey either has a human hand (as we see in the pic of her running away from the explosion), or she has the mechanical hand shown in the still with R2.

        And unless Luke’s human looking hand he got at the end of V, and had throughout VI was cut off in the interim between VI and VII, then that isn’t him with R2 either.

        Unless I’m missing something…

        • Yeah, also on closer examination, it is some kind of creature that kneels down and gives Leia the light saber. Could be Luke with a new hand but leaning more with Kylo Ren now.

      • This exchange truly drove home what a hopeless nerd I really am…

        Joe, didn’t you say the opening scene of VII would show Luke’s hand and light saber falling through space based upon rumors you’d heard? If so, this all starts to make sense.

        And in a very good way. :)

        • Yup. You can do a search, if you want to, to the possible spoilers for Episode VII. I really hope they are going the direction that would be the unpopular direction. Was telling Tom the other day, people might not be happy with the ending, but they will go right to the box office once the movie is over to see it again. And probably again.

          I heard they may be selling special tickets that allow you to see the movie that you bought your ticket in unlimited times for as long as it is playing in that theater. Maybe $20 -$30 for that ticket. I’d do it.

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